Aug 30, 2018

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5 Ways to Eliminate Pests

Sometimes hygiene alone does not solve a pest infestation problem, that is why pest control management is a viable option for homes that are suffering from this common but unpopular topic. Perhaps the misgivings of partnering with pest control services to address such an embarrassing problem might be in the lack of information about the methods used for pest removal.

1. Mechanical Methods. Believe it or not, some homeowners in Singapore who do not want to have to resort to neutralizing pests if it is possible. In cases where the homeowner does not want to kill rats, humane methods such as baiting and capturing of the small mammals are recommended. Mechanical means the physical removal, and sometimes relocation, of the pests from the home. The pest exterminator will have to determine key locations where these pest nest, eat, and hide. They can also use electromagnetic and ultrasonic devices which will not kill but only repel pests.

2. Biological Methods. There is another effective method to exterminate rodents without the use of chemicals. By introducing natural predators in the area, the vermin will be hunted down. Although this is rarely used, introducing a cat or a dog trained to hunt rats is a safe and guaranteed pest control method. Another way to use this method is to look for the common prey of the pest that might be present in your home and to eliminate them. For example, spiders are attracted to silverfish and might be the cause your house is a home to a lot of them.

3. Chemical Methods. Most misinformation about the methods used by pest control services comes from rumors about dangerous pest control chemicals used to kill rats, get rid of cockroaches and other insects such as the bed bug. But the pest control worker will not use such a method without a thorough assessment of the pest problem and taking into consideration the requests of the homeowner in Singapore to ensure safe removal of annoying pests.

However, chemicals are mostly used to treat termite infestation, but the species and the home must first be determined to effectively remove termites. Other common chemical pesticides used to terminate pest are classified based on the target species; these include insecticides, herbicides, rodenticides, bactericides, fungicides, and larvicides.

4. Organic Methods. Another way to remove mice humanely is to use peppermint sprays. This is a type of organic method that targets only the pests you are trying to eliminate without harming the other animal species. Plants are also protected through this method. Plus, the chemicals used are not harmful to humans are will degrade overtime instead of leaving residues of the poison for many years to come.

5. Hygiene and Prevention. The pest control management will advise the homeowner on how to prevent further infestation in the future through hygiene and maintenance. These include regular servicing of the plumbing fixtures and pipes to avoid leaks that might attract vermin, proper food and garbage disposal, and the proper use of commercial insecticides and other chemicals to control minimal infestation. In cases where pest population can be controlled easily, a 24 hours pest removal is a practical solution, especially if the homeowner does not want to bother with an extensive treatment that might take weeks or months to complete.

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