Sep 25, 2017

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A Brief Guide on Choosing Between an Inkjet and Laser Printer

Nowadays, there are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration if you are looking to buy a new office printer, or any printer for that matter. The brand, for one, is one of the most common factors most people look into when buying new products. Printers are used often and relied heavily on by various enterprises, hence it is only imperative to make sure it is of high-quality and can last for long stretches of time.

Your search for a printer or copier is now made a whole lot easier since there are lots of shops who sell printer in Singapore. With the varied specifications each of these device have, you can always consult with your seller to ask further questions or raise any concern you feel might arise in the long run. A product’s warranty is also an important part to be covered — hence don’t forget to discuss this when you go out to buy printer.

In Singapore, most households and businesses are leaning towards inkjet printers to cater their day-to-day printing needs. Does this make them a better choice between a laser printer? No, not really. Though laser printers are usually used by large companies, there are now available color model laser printers in the market which come in an affordable price as well as suitable sizes for home or office use.

Main difference

One of the most common choices you’ll face as you get a new printer is whether you should go for an Inkjet or laser printer. An inkjet printer or copier machine makes use of liquid ink which is sprayed through tiny, microscopic nozzles on the paper; while laser printers utilize a toner cartridge full of fine powder along with a heated fuser.

They are both good choices for a colour printer. The former gets printing done by dropping ink spots onto the paper, which then creates a digital image once completed, while the latter produces a digital image through a laser beam’s scanning across photoreceptors. If you are an artist, for instance, you can rely on either one from in Singapore to produce a sound hardcopy of your digital illustration depending on how heavy the graphics are. Regardless of type, however, both color model printers can become good choices as graphic art printer.

Both of these printers have their own strengths and weaknesses. They also have their own respective approaches when it comes to getting the prints done. If you want to buy the best office printer available, you should first consider the particular usage you have in mind for the equipment in order to figure out which type of printer or copier machine can cater to your printing needs efficiently.

Inkjet Printers

• Inkjet printers enjoy popularity in Singapore because they are great for printing photos and documents which are heavy on images, as well as serving as a good copier. This type of printer does a better job at blending smooth colors on images, compared to most laser printers.
• Aside from being a good option for a colour printer, inkjet printers are also cost-effective. Their prices are cheaper compared to laser printers, and their ink cartridges are also less expensive than toner cartridges.
• The functionality of an inkjet printer or copier machine also appeals to the users. For one, the printer can print on a few types of paper which includes photo paper, glossy paper, textured stationery, and at times even on some fabrics.
• People are leaning towards getting an inkjet printer and copier when they buy printer because these printers tend to be smaller in size, thus making them easier to maintain and manage. There is also little to almost no warm-up time needed prior to the printing which can cut back on your electricity consumption.
• Speaking of cutting back on your resources, inkjet cartridges can also be reused and refilled. You don’t have to purchase a new one when you can refill the old container for a much cheaper price. With that, you can save plenty of dollars and save it for other matters instead.

Laser Printer

• On the other hand, a laser printer prints faster compared to an inkjet one. While this perk is unnoticeable if you only print a few pages at a given time, high-volume printers will enjoy this big difference. This can be convenient if you’re printing documents for company reports or thick research papers.
• If you mostly print documents which are laden with pure text and only occasional graphic images, then owning a laser printer is a good idea. These printers are capable of producing sharp black text to perfection. They are also better at printing small fonts and fine lines compared to inkjet.
• Though toner cartridges for a copier machine can be a little more expensive than inkjet cartridges in Singapore, the former can print more sheets relative to their cost and tend to be less wasteful in general. This is practical for a student who has a number of academic papers to submit every semester, or a company who requires a number of personnel to regularly pass summary reports.
• This kind of printer is good at printing simple graphic illustrations, but most people would go for inkjet if they want a quality graphic art printer for their designs. Graphic artists, for instance, are very meticulous when their digital art is produced into a hardcopy. This makes laser a less viable choice since smooth photographs can be a challenge even for a color model laser printer or copier.

The key to finding out which type of printer suits you most boils down on the usage you intend it for. Both inkjet and laser printer have their own fair share of advantages and disadvantages — and it’s up to you to decide which one is a better fit for your printing needs. Consult with your local supplier about the situation to ask questions or raise possible concerns. You will need all the information you can get to help you in your decision-making process.

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