Jun 14, 2013

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Cancer and Health Screening

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 7.6 million people all over the world died from cancer in 2008. About 70% of these deaths befell countries with low and middle income, while the 30% could be prevented. Health screening could have saved millions of lives.

Metastasis: The Rapid Creation of Abnormal Cells
Cancer is a generic term referring to several diseases, which affect different body parts. One major feature that characterizes cancer is the quick formation of abnormal cells that propagate beyond their natural boundaries, invading adjoining body parts and spreading to other organs. This process is called metastasis.


Early Detection of the Big-C
According to WHO, there are two main components of early detection of this medical problem. These are education to promote early diagnosis and Singapore health screening. When cancer of any type is detected earlier, can be through appropriate asiamedic health screening packages, the chances for successful treatment is relatively high.
Identifying from knowledge the warning signs of cancer and taking quick, appropriate actions results to early diagnosis. To combat this deadly disease, increased awareness of its possible warning signs is very important. Medical practitioners in Singapore, such as doctors, physicians and nurses, are not the only people that should be aware of such information, but also the general public.

Common Early Signs of Cancer
Some early signs that point to cancer include lumps, abnormal bleeding, sores that don’t heal, chronic hoarseness and persistent indigestion. Early diagnosis is particularly relevant for several types of cancer, which includes cervix, breast, larynx, mouth, skin, colon and rectum. There is a specific asiamedic health screening test for every cancer type.

Cancer Health Screening Packages
In Singapore hospitals and medical institutions, cancer screening tests from asiamedic health screening packages are carried out to healthy people in order to find out their risk of developing the fatal disease. Basically, screening tests are performed on healthy individuals who seem not to be showing any signs or symptoms of the disease.


In some cases, there is corporate health screening for large companies in Singapore, and it benefits both employer and employees. It is important to note that screening programmes should be carried out only when the following conditions are met:
• When the tests are proven to be effective;
• when resources, such as equipment and personnel, are sufficient;
• When there are available facilities for confirming diagnoses, as well as for treatment and follow-up of patients with abnormal results;
• And when there is high prevalence of the disease so the effort and costs of screening can be justified.

Treatment of the Big-C
The main objectives of cancer health screening packages are to earlier detect the disease and diagnose a person, to treat and significantly prolong his or her life and to guarantee the best possible quality of life to survivors.

The most effective diagnosis and treatment programme is provided in a sustained and equitable way, is associated to early detection, and follows evidence-based standards. Aside from these, the treatment program also guarantees adequate treatment for cancer types that have high potential for being treated even if they are not amenable for early discovery, such as acute lymphatic leukaemia and metastatic seminoma, and those types that have a good chance significantly prolonging survival, such as advanced lymphomas and breast cancer.

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