Mar 13, 2014

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Factors to Consider When Creating a File Server

Contrary to some people’s belief that file servers are performing computation and are the same with a database, it’s not. Digitally, file servers are very essential to all people. In Singapore, it is commonly used by many businesses to improve their market and file servers are one of their business strategy.

What is a File Server?

File servers are devices that enable users to store important files through the use of a network that is attached into the computer. Also, it can share files and let’s other people view or access files that are being share in the storage. The main purpose of a file server is to store files. Many business firms in Singapore are using these file servers to increase their sales and increase the effectiveness of their overall computing.


Why Use a File Server?

For instance, you place all your files in one location; you don’t have to worry on your files because you have an assurance that it is places in one folder wherein it is secured and you know that it is a safe place wherein it can be accessed and retrieve when you files were lost and corrupted by viruses. File servers can also lessen the expenses of a company by purchasing so many hard drives just to keep and secure important files. Also, it can store as much as a hard drive can do.

Advantages of File Server

So, instead of lending your flash drives just to share your photos, or perhaps mail a DVD containing videos to your in-laws which are time and money consuming, or just bring bulky hard drive with you so that you carry your files wherever you go, why not use a file server from Singapore. It is simple to use, it cannot be stolen of lost just like hard drives, it is fast unlike mailing a DVD and it is more secured than a flash drive. In addition, a file server is very affordable. And since the main function of file servers’ to keep and secure significant files, things to consider in creating a file server is the storage space that you will need.


What File Server Suits You?

Will you need 50 terabyte for your important files which includes files from work? Or will you need a 20 terabyte for videos, photos and music? It depends, especially when a company has a large number of employees. Another thing to consider is the network administration. Once you have a file server, your files are shared in one network making it accessible to all.

Finding a File Server in Singapore

In Singapore, network administrators usually secure the sensitive files in the company and separate it in another network so that it cannot be accessed by many people and also to protect some important records such as financial records. Be prepared for any kinds of problems that your network may encounter. Putting all your files in one place will be very risky because you can’t prevent when the viruses will attack to your files. However, you can still counter it using anti-virus software. Since file servers will protect documents and other data in the computer, you still need to consider on how consistent it is to secure files for a long time.

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