Nov 6, 2015

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7 Habits to Ruining Your Skin  


There are habits that we regularly do that are ruining the health of our skin. The obvious ones are smoking, going to bed with makeup still on and eating unhealthy foods. Aside for these, there are other habits we do that may seem harmless but are unknowingly encouraging poor skin health.

There are times when we feel frustrated because no matter what we do, acne and other blemishes still grow on our face. TO help you with this plight, here are seven habits you absolutely need to break to give way to better skin.


  1. You’re sleeping on the wrong kind of pillowcase.

Cotton pillowcases are common and cheaper but sleeping on them causes skin breakouts. Like any other object that comes in contact with our face, your pillowcase is full of oil and dirt. Sleeping on these causes acne mechanica, a form of acne that is caused by materials that touch our face. When a pillowcase isn’t washed weekly, the buildup of oil and dirt in it clogs the pores and results to blemishes.

Make sure to regularly change your bed sheets and wash the soiled ones. You can also switch to using silk pillowcases because its antimicrobial properties keep the bacteria away.


  1. You are reusing your wet washcloth.

A wet environment is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, constantly reusing your wet washcloth is bad for the skin. Buy several pieces of washcloths that you can interchangeably use. After using a wet washcloth, instantly launder it and hang to dry.


  1. You are using a body exfoliant on your face.

Exfoliating products specially engineered for the face contains soft and gentle beads. Using a body exfoliating product, which has stronger exfoliants, on the delicate skin of your face causes irritation and extreme dryness. Over-exfoliating is counterproductive because it results to more breakouts.


  1. You are constantly doing all-nighters.

Sleep is essential for skin regeneration. Seven to eight hours of undisturbed sleep give way to skin repair and cell growth. Constantly pulling all-nighters can hurt your skin, making it dull and lifeless. No amount of beauty products can help your skin like a good night’s rest can.

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  1. You are using old and unwashed makeup brushes.

Used makeup brushes pick up oil, makeup and dead skin cells. Using these on your face ruins the skin. To avoid this, clean your makeup brushes using a gentle dishwashing soap once a week in order to disinfect it.


  1. You are always touching your face when you’re at the gym.

Keep in mind that gym equipment is used by a number of sweaty individuals so it is full of bacteria. When you regularly touch your face when working out in the gym, these germs are transferred to the skin, resulting in the formation of acne. To guarantee that you do not touch your face, tie your hair in a ponytail to keep it away from your face. Also, keep a towel nearby so that you’ll stop wiping sweat with your hands.


  1. You are not eating enough fruits and veggies.

Having an arsenal of beauty products is great but isn’t taking care of the skin from the inside important too? Eat a good amount of fruits and vegetables regularly, and skip the unhealthy snacks. Your skin will thank you in no time.


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