Jul 22, 2013

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Better than Tap Water

The benefits of drinking alkalized water over regular tap water


Most people have only little information about the differences between tap water and alkaline water in Singapore, even though there is a lot of advantages one could get from drinking alkaline water. This is why it’s important to raise our awareness about the difference of the two, and we must know what the characteristics of safe drinking water are.

Important Statistics

According to water studies, approximately 1 billion people all over the world have no access to safe drinking water. According to their survey, one child dies due to drinking polluted water in every 20 seconds, and 3.4 million people worldwide die each year due to improper water sanitation and poor hygiene.

Tap Water: Unhealthy

It is important for us to be aware that even if contaminants are present in tap water, they won’t automatically make us ill. They will only become hazardous to health if consumed for a long period of time. Scientists and even Singapore health researchers however argue that toxic compounds that may be found in tap water can eventually pose health problems even if taken at low amounts. Moreover, many health specialists who sell products like H2O water ionizer in Singapore say that constant intake of polluted water causes various illnesses ranging from minor cases such as stomach aches and fever to major cases such as cancer and heart diseases.


Alkaline Water: Healthy

Experts in the field of health and medicine strongly defend that alkaline water is the best water for human consumption. Doctors and other medical experts claim that alkaline water raises the pH level of the body to become more alkaline, which is considered ideal and healthy. It is dangerous for the body to be acidic over a long period. That is when bodily ailments develop.

Unlike tap water, alkaline water have been fully processed to contains no compounds that may be detrimental to health. Minerals are also abundant in it which is why doctors strictly recommend this type of water as a supplemental treatment to their patients. Scientific studies over the past reveal that alkaline water has the ability to help alleviate and cure a lot of medical problems.  However, it can never totally replace or be an alternative treatment for a more serious case such as cancer.

Alkaline vs. Tap

Nutritionists show more preference to alkaline water from Singapore than tap water. One of the keys to maintaining good health is by drinking and using clean water every day. And by that, clean water means the absence of impurities that pose ill effects to health.

This article talks about the differences between alkaline water and tap water because the need for us to know more about the both of them is imperative. Some important statistics related to water consumption is also included in here. Throughout the article, the reasons for choosing alkaline water over tap water are highlighted.

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