Aug 17, 2016

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Korean Wedding Photography Package

When choosing your Korean pre-wedding photographer, quality and price are major factors to consider. However, it’s also important to take into account the other elements that make up a Korean wedding photography package. If you’ve already narrowed down your search to a handful of wedding photographers, it’s now time to start comparing photography packages. Here are the points to consider when choosing “the one”.


1. Price. While the price of the photography package is a major factor, it shouldn’t be the most important consideration to take. If possible, allocate about 20 percent of your wedding budget for your wedding photography, and choose a package that offers the best deal for its price. Keep in mind, though, that factors like shoot location, weather, and the distance between locations can change the total cost of your package, so ensure you fill in your photographer with all these details.

In choosing a package, it’s of utmost importance to ensure that you will be getting the products and services you need. Since your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, make sure to choose not only the best Korean pre-wedding photographer, but the right one for you.

2. Deliverables and Services Included. Just like choosing a wedding dress from a sea of options in a bridal studio, pick the enchanting korean wedding photography package that perfectly fits your needs. Understand that while some photographers include a photo album and throw in free photo enlargements in their package, others may require you to purchase your album and charge you an additional fee for every photo enlargement.

Other than that, also find out whether a photographer allows you to have the original copies of your photos. Some photographers surrender the raw images of a wedding, but may charge it for an additional price. Generally, discuss with your photographer the end product you want so you can work from there in choosing or personalizing a photography package.

3. Photography Style and Equipment. Another important thing to consider when deciding on a wedding photography package is the photographer’s photography style. Determine whether you want most of your photos in photojournalistic or traditional style. The photojournalistic approach is more of candid photos, where every image encapsulates the most genuine emotion of the moment. The traditional style, on the other hand, captures posed images directed by the photographer himself.

Apart from the photography style, your package should also include the details on the lights and equipment that your photographer will be bringing and using on your wedding day. While you may not be that knowledgeable when it comes to photography equipment, you can always look them up on the Internet and Google their specs and function. It’s always better to keep a record of these things just to be sure.


4. Photoshoot Coverage. The coverage of your photoshoot is another important factor to consider when choosing a Korean wedding photography package. A wedding photographer’s price often varies based on the length of hours of their professional service. This is due to the amount of work required on your wedding day, specifically the amount of work the post-processing requires. For instance, a 12-hour coverage will yield more pictures to process compared to an 8-hour wedding coverage. More pictures captured means more work after the wedding.

Aside from the hours of coverage, confirming who will be in-charge to photograph your wedding is also essential. Find out if you’ll be working with the lead photographer, or if they’ll let an associate handle your wedding. If you’ll be working with an associate, ask to see his portfolio and ensure that you won’t be paying the price for a lead photographer’s service.

Finally, you should also see if your prospective package includes more than one photographer. If you’re planning to get a photography package from a bridal boutique, there’s a chance that you’ll get two or more photographers. Getting a package with two or more photographers allows you to get more photos from different points of view and even some behind-the-scene shots. But if you think behind-the-spotlight moments aren’t as important, we suggest sticking to a package that only includes one photographer. One great photographer, along with one or two assistants to help him with his equipment, is enough to provide you with beautiful and meaningful photos of your wedding.

5. Availability of Engagement Shoot. Although engagement shoots has become quite common these days, some wedding photography packages available in Singapore still don’t include them. More often, an engagement shoot is only placed as an add-on in the package to have you pay an extra fee. If an engagement shoot is included in your package, take it as an opportunity to capture high quality photos of you as a couple before your marriage. However, if an engagement shoot isn’t included in the deal, do keep in mind that you’ll need to shell out extra cash in order to book one.

In choosing your wedding photography package, remember that you shouldn’t base your decision on which package has the lowest price. Instead, go through each of photography package and see if a particular one is able to meet your needs in terms of budget, coverage, deliverables, photography style, and add-ons like having a pre-wedding shoot. Only then should you make your decision as to which package to go for.

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Aug 3, 2016

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Wedding Essentials You Shouldn’t Scrimp On


Getting married here in Singapore is quite expensive these days especially if you want an extravagant one. You cannot blame couples to splurge on their wedding day because it is their dream in the first place. After the wedding, that’s the time couples will decide on sparing other costs to cope up with the expenses.


For practical couples, they know what costs they should splurge on and what they should spare or cut corners. Most of the planning will fall on the bride’s shoulder and sometimes it is part exciting and part stressful. Sticking to a budget is crucial but how can you make sure that you stick to it? The answer is simple, you just need to prioritize.

Here are the costs that you should prioritize:

  • Wedding photographer: You want your day to be remembered for the rest of your life and it is good if you get a professional wedding photographer. Do not underestimate the effect of good wedding pictures for when you reminisce. You can still ask friends to help you take photos but you have to assign a professional one who will devout herself in capturing life moments. Do not forget the photo booth and it will be a great way to relive the memories.


  • Wedding gown and veil: Many brides would sacrifice their gown but you have to remember that it is your special day and you should look good even if it means buying that exquisite gown. You will walk down the aisle and to your soon-to-be-husband. You would want to impress him so your look will forever be imprinted in his brain. If you are really working on a budget, you can look for used gowns and minimize accessories and other embellishments. To save more, make sure to choose a gown that you can also wear at the reception. If you have the money, you can have a separate wardrobe for the reception.


  • Makeup and hairstyling: In an effort to cut costs, you asked your friend to do your makeup and hair. There is nothing wrong with that but if you want to look beautiful (and there is nothing with that), you should look for professionals. They will know what looks good on you especially with the gown, the lighting and many more. If you want to save, maybe your friend can do their hair and makeup.


  • Venue styling: You can look for an ordinary and cheap venue but never spare on a good venue stylist because they have the power to make ordinary spaces into an extraordinary reception.

Now that you know what things to prioritize, other costs should be spared.


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