Jun 3, 2013

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Choosing Engagement and Wedding Rings

When planning for a wedding proposal, it is the engagement ring that a man usually plans for. But, because it has to sit together with the wedding ring on the woman’s finger, you also have to plan how the wedding bands would look like to match the proposal ring. So, to be sure that the rings would look great together, buy a well-matched engagement and wedding band set.


A matching engagement ring and bands are very ideal because they symbolize the couple, reflecting each other’s personality with a touch of uniqueness. Oftentimes, the Singapore wedding bands are in classic style with added special pattern or texture to look like a set.

Sometimes, the woman’s engagement and wedding ring are crafted together so the rings would intertwine perfectly. In these instances, the rings will be styled with interlocking twists or loops. The twists and loops will ensure that the rings will sit together, making them appear as one. But before you go cherry picking for the right wedding band set, keep in mind these common mistakes first.


  1. When the woman’s rings are designed together, to complement each other, they may look strange when worn alone. This is not much of a problem during the engagement stage since the engagement ring singapore would still look attractive even without the wedding band. But if your future spouse would want to wear the wedding ring alone, she might not want to have one with a cut-away design that looks odd without the engagement ring from Singapore.
  2. A third ring won’t sit securely together with looped out or twisted style bridal rings. So if you’re thinking of buying her another ring in the future, or if her mother wants her to keep an heirloom piece, she might have a hard time in wearing the pieces together since the third ring wasn’t designed to go with the other two rings.
  3. The most important thing about the choosing the engagement piece is the cut of the gemstone. Do not be carried away with your aspiration to get a matching ring set. There are some diamond cuts with fewer ring set choices, like the unique marquise, heart and pear shape. Do not buy something that you think she won’t like just because you want to match the engagement and wedding bands.


And if you really want to make your lady happy, add a personal touch on the ring by adding engraved texts to show how much you really care for her. Engraved rings are the ideal rings today by couples in Singapore. That’s why Singapore-based jewellery shops are well-skilled when it comes to ring engraving. Plus, they offer matching engagement and wedding ring sets in various unique designs that you and your significant other will surely love.

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