Aug 14, 2018

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4 Crucial Things You Need to Know About Cleaning Your Laundry

Whether it’s about clothes, curtains, or even other textile materials in your home, there’s always a something you can do to keep them looking new, just like a professional laundry service!

Here are a few things you need to know when it comes to cleaning your laundry:

1. Follow the instructions on the label.
Most clothes come with a little tag with symbols that indicate certain ways to clean that particular item, and because they can be made of different materials, the ways they are cleaned can also be quite different.

These laundry symbols could even tell you the best laundry methods to use, such as laundry for spa or dry cleaning, which are cleaning methods best left to commercial laundry services.

2. Sort out your laundry.
Sorting out your laundry is more than just setting apart whites from the colored clothes. You also need to sort them by thickness and whether they’re soiled or not, as these take more time to wash and fold.

Keep this in mind especially if you need dry cleaning to get clean towels, or if you simply want to wash towel stains by normal washing. By sorting out your laundry, you minimize the risk of color bleeding.

Depending on Singapore laundromats, the price of t-shirt washing varies. These services also offer a wash and fold for your convenience. You should also separate the suit jackets, blazers, and other clothes that requires dry cleaning and send them to a commercial laundry shop.

3. Load the water and detergent before the laundry.
Uniform laundry can be washed and cleaned with a washing machine or by hand or at your own time, but no matter what type of clothes you wash, always load the water and detergent before the laundry.

Alternatively, you can choose to send it to a commercial service to get them cleaned at the same time faster and more easily. You can also add laundry delivery in addition to the express laundry of your choice.

4. Going to a 24 hour laundry service might save your life.
Because of the hectic schedule in Singapore, it’s no surprise that you may find yourself short on time to get your laundry cleaned by yourself – especially with same day dry cleaning for blazers and suit jackets.

This is where the professional laundry service comes in to take care of your laundry for you at a reasonable price.
There are a lot of things that a 24 hour laundry service can offer you that you may find yourself needing in a pinch, such a laundry delivery services to get your clothes to your doorstep, and an ironing service if you need to iron clothes but don’t have the time.

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