Jul 29, 2016

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Letting Go: How to Raise Brave Kids


By now you already know that you will not be there all the time for your children. There will come a time that they will face the world and decide on their own without your help. As a parent, the best thing that you can do is to prepare them for the real world so they can make good decisions at the end of the day.


As much as possible you want to lock your children inside the house and keep the keys until they grow old enough to face the world but that is simply not the solution. You have to let your child stand alone. You have to let go and teach your kid to be brave. Here are some tips in raising brave but astute kids:

  • Teach them young: Safety should always be on their mind all the time and you can instil it while they are young. Kids are naturally curious and there is nothing that you can do about it. At an early age, they should discern what things are safe and what are not. Start by explaining some instructions and once he understands it, give directions and finally constant reminders. When you say “do not touch this”, make sure that you do it in a firm look and voice so he will know you are serious about it.


  • Train him to speak his mind: Your son should be able to speak his mind if he wants to thrive here in Singapore. If he is silent, it will not get him anywhere. Sometimes you have to speak your mind so you can effectively communicate. Start by requesting small things from your son. For example, ask him to go to the counter and request for ketchup. That will teach him not to be shy when asking for something, It is a good start then proceed with bigger things as he grows.


  • Follow up: For every act of bravery, it is important that you follow up and process it. You should also encourage more acts and do not forget to give praise. You have to explain that if they are not brave enough, they will not get the things that they like.


  • Be consistent: Everything will depend on you. It is crucial that you are consistent. Your child will be confused if one day you said no and then the next yes. If you are consistent, you son will surely know that you are serious and you mean what you say.


  • Give time: You cannot teach everything and monitor his progress if you do not allot or give time. You should give time and make an effort to teach your kids all the life lessons you think they need.


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