May 9, 2019

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How Can I Resolve Workplace Conflicts Smoothly?

Whether you’re a Singaporean actor, office worker, surgeon, or etc., there will always be a time when you’ll encounter problems at your workplace. Of course, all of us would want to keep everything positive at work. If you often ask the question above (or even if you don’t), read on!


On one part of it, learning to listen well helps you avoid conflict in the first place. When it so happens that a problem arises and one person starts throwing heated words, listening attentively is the primary thing you should do. Making sure that you listen first keeps you from immediately retaliating and helps you catch any exaggerated statements or flaws in what the other person is saying. More importantly, listening is about better understanding the other person and what made him/her mad in the first place.

Resolve the issue only after calming down

Our emotions can easily cloud our judgement, especially in high-tension situations. That’s why it is important to wait and only discuss the issues after both sides have cooled down. Initially, it will be hard to calm a person down if he/she has already blown a fuse. If you’re directly involved in the argument, step out for a moment without making it look like you’re storming off by speaking calmly. This can allow time for the other person to calm down. 

Stick to what actually happened

Oftentimes, when conflict arises in the workplace, we tend to give in to overthinking. This can be better explained through an example. Your officemate, Ryan, passes by and steps on your toes. Thinking about it for a second, you suddenly remember that you bested him in last week’s business tasks and think he’s just stepped on you for revenge. Being the impulsive person that you are, you suddenly lash out and spark a fight. Without even thinking if it was an accident, you give in to your negative thoughts so easily that it started a conflict. That is why it is important to focus only on what happened.

Refrain from using personal attacks

When you’re already in an argument, you must try your absolute best not to use personal attacks. You’re only drawing more negativity from the other person and it will make the resolving of the conflict significantly harder. Obviously, you cannot expect the other person to take it lightly if you include his/her personal life in a matter of business. Although you may be tempted to use ad hominem attacks especially in very heated scenarios, hold it off at all costs!

Never leave a conflict unresolved

Leaving a conflict unresolved is one of the unhealthiest things you can do. Even if you say, “it’s a thing of the past,” it will still leave an air of tension in your workplace. Just imagine being assigned to a task with a person you’re in a cold war with. This could affect your productivity and limit your ability to work freely and effectively.

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