Nov 28, 2013

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Increasing Cyber Security

Increasing Cyber Security

Many Singaporeans are having questions because of the extended downtime of some government websites on November. Infocomm Development Authority explained that the extension of the downtime was due to a technical glitch and not because of hacking. According to Shirley Wong, the Cyber Security Awareness Alliance’s co chairman, the websites of the government are all complicated which is difficult to fix therefore the extension of the downtime.


According to Madam Wong, if it is a ploy of hackers, they would arrogantly declare it. The government has staffs to deal with its cyber security but what about personal security? Every minute, many people are victims of identity theft. Hackers can access your business and personal information but you can do something about it. Hackers will find a way to seek an opportunity even if it means stealing your identity. How can you protect yourself from them?


Your first line of defence is creating a strong and exceptional password. You can begin by using amalgamation of lower and upper cases, numbers and characters. If your password is your birthday or the name of your dog, it is time that you change it.


Do not forget to log out. If you do not log out, you are actually giving the hackers permission to poke around. If a website or someone asks you of your personal information, do not give it unless you are in a secure connection (the ones with HTTPs included in the URL).


You can have malware if you are not careful. Malwares can tag along with downloads. You have to customize security settings to safeguard your network. Default settings will allow easy access.


If you are using a home WiFi, change the router’s setting by enabling your network name and your non default password. You also need to utilize your WPA 2 encryption which is the strongest. If you are using a public WiFi, you need to stop sharing and then utilize your VPN service.

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Oct 9, 2013

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SingTel Declares iPhone 5S and 5C Price Plans

SingTel Declares iPhone 5S and 5C Price Plans

People all around the world were elated upon hearing the release of the new iPhone models. iPhone brings 5S and 5C to the world. In fact, here in Singapore, SingTel already announced its iPhone price plans for both 5S and 5C last September 17, 2013. The launching event will be at the Marina Bay Sand’s exhibition hall this coming September 20.


If you are interested, you can book an appointment at SingTel’s website so you can purchase the iPhones on the launching date. The two year contract of iPhone 5S 16GB costs $698 while the 32GB costs $818. On the other hand, the two year contract of iPhone 5C 16GB costs $468 while the 32GB costs $698. The iPhone 5C will be a hit because of its “low cost”. It appeals to the mass market.

iPhone 5C is much awaited because of its cheapness. Apple succumbed to market pressure especially that Android device successfully flooded the market with their inexpensive tablets and handsets. iPhone 5C is made of polycarbonate shell which is attractive because of its numerous colours. Generally, the features are the same with iPhone 5. Although the outer shell is plastic, Apple ensured that the frame is alloy which ensures the rigidity of phone.

iPhone 5S is completely the opposite of 5C. 5S is for the “high end” crowds. iPhone 5S have notable upgrades from iPhone 5. 5S features fingerprint scanner. Instead of swiping to unlock and entering the pass codes, you can now use your fingerprint to unlock conveniently. 5S is also proud of its 64 bit A7 processor and dual LED flash that can enhance and balance colours.        

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Oct 5, 2013

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MOH Warns to Limit Outdoor Activities

MOH Warns to Limit Outdoor Activities

Several students and employees suddenly stopped its daily routine or activities in Singapore due to haze or “air pollution” surrounded the entire Singapore Island. In a press briefing, Thursday June 20, the Ministry of Health (MOH), Singapore has warned the public to ‘limit heavy outdoor activities’. In June of 2013, Singapore was reported to face the hazard effect of air pollution allegedly from neighboring countries – Malaysia, Sumatra, in India and Borneo.


These countries tend in restoring or cleaning forests while farmers predominantly rely on the concept of ‘forest fires’. Forest fires on the other hand, largely burned huge trees, hays, weeds or grasses. Burning farm site offers cheap operational expenses to most local farmers. Some 200 schools in Malaysia were instructed to close down due to an open burning in some major areas there.

At the height of air pollution attack, most report from Pollutant Standards Index shows 371 at 0500 GMT on Thursday – is more hazardous than normal pollution gauge, therefore this phenomenon is deemed “hazardous”. This environmental state though can directly trigger abnormal coughing, and watery eyes. This time, the pollution index has exceeds to 268 as of 0900 GMT. Singapore’s current condition can be very bad to human’s respiratory system or heart, such ailments is expected to commence, said by private health practitioner in the city state.


He added that haze [air pollution] ailments could take longer if not remedied right away. In a standard reading by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is interpreted by the PSI system of Singapore. The agency has classified readings as “unhealthy, very unhealthy, and hazardous”. They explained further, readings ranges from 100-200 is called “unhealthy”, sometimes 201-300 is labeled as “very unhealthy” while anything above 300 is known for as “hazardous”.

Some kinds of air pollution have different versions to humankind, and some have no direct effect or hazard to them. In a normal pace, haze can occur at low-level winds from the southwest to southeast vice-versa most particularly during dry season (June-September). The government of Singapore along with its healthcare facilities is highly oriented on the possible brought by pollution fueled by foresters.

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Jul 22, 2013

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Slimming the Healthy Way

Slimming the Healthy Way

Singapore HSA (Health Sciences Authority) recently cut down 4 slimming products (V12, CURVY Pearl, VTOX and BONJOUR) that are sold online. HSA noticed that the slimming products contain Sibutramine-an ingredient suspended in Singapore since 2010. The slimming products did not declared the presence of the said substance.

HSA recommended the consumers to stop using the product especially if they feel any discomfort and pain. HSA once again repeated that consumers should be more careful when buying slimming products online. The cutting down of the 4 slimming products is only a part of HSA’s bigger efforts in fighting illegal selling of health products online. If you want to look sexy and thin, the safest way is to do it healthily.


You don’t need slimming drinks because you can look your best by simply doing it naturally. You can consider the following methods to get slimmer and sexier:

Exercise regularly

The first thing that you should do is exercise regularly. A thirty minute exercise can make a difference. If you prefer to do it in fitness centres, you can do so. Fitness instructors will surely guide you. If you want to sweat it out inside the house, you can do simple exercises or you can follow instructional DVDs.

Eat right

Eating the right food is crucial. You can hire a nutritionist or dietician to help you choose the right food. They will devise a meal plan that you should faithfully follow. If you cannot afford one, you can refer to books and magazines.

Get enough sleep

Enough rest or sleep is important as well. Give your body time to recuperate. 8 hours of sleep is good.

Keep an attitude

Without attitude, nothing will be possible. You should be determined and patient enough to reach your goal. Don’t let other people keep you from achieving your dream body.

Slimming is possible without any products.

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Jul 19, 2013

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Where to Eat the Best Indonesian Foods in SG

Where to Eat the Best Indonesian Foods in SG

If you want to eat Indonesian foods, there is no need to go to Indonesia. You can enjoy Indonesian cuisines even if you are in Singapore. Here’s a list of Indonesian restaurants you can try:


Cum Bali

Cum Bali is located in Tanjong Pagar Road. The restaurant served for 21 years now making it one of the best and oldest Indonesian restaurants in town. They have a welcoming ambiance and their food is good. You must try their cendol, sapi rendang, sate Madura, kambing rendang, cumi bali and many more. The price ranges from S$6 to S$20. They are open daily (including Holidays) from 11am to 2:30pm and 6pm to 9:30pm.

Djanoer Koening

Djanoer Koening is located in Joo Chiat Road. They serve genuine Javanese cuisines. You should try their oseng mercon, bakso urat, ayam bakar, urat soup, desserts and many more. The price ranges from S$6 to S$10. They are open daily from 10am to 8:45pm.

Rumah Rasa

Rumah Rasa is a new Indonesian restaurant located in Bay Hotel. The ambiance is good and the food is great. You must try curry fish, udang, ayam, belinjau, beef rendang, ikan, gado gado and many more. The price ranges from S$21 to S$40. They are open daily from 6m to 4am.

Tambuah Mas

Tambuan Mas is located in Tanglin Shopping Centre. This restaurant serves traditional Indonesian cuisines from Java, Padang and Sulawesi. You must try their tahu telor, ayam satay, sayur lodeh, rendang lembu, ikan pepes and many more. The price ranges from S$11 to S$20. They are open daily from 11am to 10pm.

You should know that most Indonesian cuisines are hot and spicy. Aside from that, Indonesian cuisines use rice, coconut and fish to create something unique and delicious. You will surely feel full and happy every after meal.

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Jul 19, 2013

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Protecting Our Abandoned Elders

Protecting Our Abandoned Elders

It is disturbing when we hear news of an abandoned elderly. It is very dispiriting to find that other people could do such to their relatives. But we can do something about this and prevent it from happening to our elders.


If you have an elderly person in your household and you find it difficult to cope with the demands of their age due to your other obligations to family and work, you should know that you have options on how to care for them. Abandoning your elderly is the worst thing that you can do. Here are some things you can do to help your elders:

  • Home for the Aged. If you cannot reconcile the demands of your elderly and your family, consider sending your elders to a home for the aged. This may feel like abandoning them, but you will at least put them in a place where people will care for them.
  • Getting Professional Help. If you can’t care for your elders by yourself, get help from others. There are professional caregivers that you can call to help you with this problem. As much as possible, don’t give up on your elderly.
  • Love and Understanding. Regardless of what arrangement you choose, you should give more love and understanding to your elders. Visit them as much as you can and show them that they still mean a lot to you.

Elders are usually isolated not just here in Singapore but the whole world. They feel old and infirmed that they feel they don’t belong to the society. Their frailty is enough to protect them and ensure that they get a good life.

Aside from the elderly, there are other vulnerable groups like children, young persons and people with mental illnesses that suffer abandonment. If you have the time and resources, give your help to these people too and see to it that they are cared for despite their circumstances.

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