Sep 1, 2017

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Subtle Signs He’s No Longer Happy in Your Relationship

When you and your beau have already been together for a while now, it’s possible that you’ll feel distant with each other at some point in your relationship. But if it tends to happen a little too often, then he may no longer be as invested in your relationship as before. With that in mind, we listed down some signs that your significant other is no longer happy and is already losing interest in your relationship.

1. He Always Starts a Fight
It’s only normal to have a few arguments in a relationship, but if he always starts petty fights with you for no apparent reason, then he might just be creating some drama so he’ll have an excuse to break off your relationship.

2. He’s Distracted Easily
Is he always on his phone even when you two are already together? If so, then it could only mean that he’s no longer content with your relationship and is looking for joy someplace else. Experts explained that individuals who put more value to their material possessions might be less secure with their personal relationships than those who attach less value to material things.

3. He No Longer Puts Much Effort
Before, he’d excitedly plan date nights or surprises for you but lately, he won’t even bother talking to you like how he would in the past. This only means he’s already done putting much effort into your relationship, and is just waiting for the perfect time to break up with you.

4. He’s Doing a Lot of Things Without You
Having alone time and spending some time with your family friends are essential, but so is your couple time. If he starts hanging out more with his friends than you, then there might be a problem. Just be extra careful when talking to him about it, and ensure that you give each other the space you both need.

5. He Becomes Secretive
You still have the right to privacy even if you’re already in a relationship, but if your partner starts becoming suspiciously secretive, then he might be hiding something that could hurt you. One article even stated that hiding things and experiencing sudden changes in behaviour can be a sign that he’s not being loyal to you.

While it’s good to analyse your situation, the best way to deal with the issues in your relationship is being open about it and talking things out. If things don’t end up well, however, just remember that it’s not the end of the world. You can single and still have some fun.

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