Jun 7, 2018

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4 Signs You Should Replace Your Old Plumbing

When it comes to plumbing works, your home has its own way to letting you know that something is going wrong. A good rule of thumb: use your senses. Observing, listening and smelling are the best ways to prevent potential disasters before they become a major problem. Here are some of the signs that say you need to get your home plumbing works checked and replaced with new lines by a plumbing contractor in Singapore.

The Water is No Longer Clear

Water is supposed to clean you up; therefore, it is supposed to be crystal clear. When you open the faucet and see that the water looks rusty or any color but clear, this raises a red flag.

Water that comes out from your faucet with a hint of brown or rust is usually a sign of pipe corrosion. As the water flows through the plumbing pipes, it can corrode, pick up and carry rut residues in the pipes.

Not only is this water unsafe for household use, rusty pipes are prone to mineral deposits that slowly build up within the pipe, too. When the build up gets too thick, this can cause clogs and increases chances of burst pipes—due to the strong pressure from the lack of open space for the water to freely flow. Before the need to fix burst water tap arises, call a professional plumber to have your pipes checked.

The Water Smells Funky

Does the water from the faucet have a rusty or foul odor? Well it shouldn’t be. Water shouldn’t have a smell; and when it starts to smell funky, it could be a sign of bacteria build up in the pipe. This means that some part of your home plumbing needs to be checked by a plumbing services expert.

You Start to Notice Mold and Water Damage

Broken faucets and leaky pipes can happen every now and then. As long as you get them fixed by a professional plumber immediately, you should be fine. But also remember that not all leaks are easily detectable. Some leaks can be behind walls, which can go silent and undetected. The only time you start to notice these leaks is when you discover a spot of damp moldy wall. Once you see such sign, call 24 hours plumber right away to have it checked and repaired right away before the damage aggravates.

You Hear Bubbling or Gurgling Sound

First off, know that it is normal for some drains, like the dishwasher, laundry machines, bath tub and anything that drains large amount of water, to produce bubbling sounds. However, when this happens to other drain points that only drains low amount of water, it could mean that the line is backed up or is constricted. Again, have it checked by plumbing services in Singapore to detect the problem in its earliest stage possible.

Your homes plumbing works may not age gracefully, especially if it doesn’t have enough maintenance from a reliable plumber. Give your waterways the TLC it deserves and call a professional plumber for maintenance check up and repair.

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May 15, 2018

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The Importance of Salt in the Kitchen

Salt is a great spice for you to be able to add such a wonderful taste to whatever you are cooking. Not only is salt cheap but it is also very useful. The good thing about salt is that you can find it just about anywhere. From your local grocery stores to your actual supermarket. Now why is salt so necessary? Why is salt one of the most used ingredient in almost every dish? What does salt do to make our food taste better?

Let’s talk about the answers one at a time. Most of the food we eat and the ingredients we use can be very acidic. For example, lemon or vinegar usually adds a great deal of acid towards your dish. What happens when our dish is very acidic? Well, since our taste buds and pallets can only take such an amount of acid, our food would start to taste horrible. Now, what does an acidic dish taste like? Well, it could taste really sour or basically very different from your regular dish.

Now, what is the use of salt? Well, salt balances out the acid. Salt evens out the taste by countering the acidic taste. Salt is also a great flavoring. Using salt to season you meat can really bring out an amazing taste to your basic meat. Salt is usually met up with pepper and it blends just perfectly.

There are so many ways for you to put salt into good use, you can even use it to prolong the shelf life of your meat. Back in the day when they didn’t have much preservatives around, they would usually put salt around the piece of meat for it to preserve either for transportation or for use later on. When you are putting salt into good use, do not overdo it. Salt may help improve the taste of your food, but it can also ruin it if you use too much.

There are many different kinds of salt and many different size of granules and each of them have a different taste and effect on your food. Having bigger granules of salt usually focuses the taste on a certain part rather than being evenly spread out but the more skilled you become in cooking, the easier it is for you to play around with the different types of salt.

Salt is a must have in the kitchen and is something you should definitely buy in a bundle. Salt has a really long shelf life so you wouldn’t even have to worry of spoiling since salt also helps preserve meat in itself. Make sure you do not contaminate your salt for it to stay clean and tasty.

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