Oct 4, 2017

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Different Beard Styles You Should Try

Beards have been used as fashion statements since our ancestors started sporting them. Nowadays, an individual’s ability to keep a healthy, beautifully trimmed beard is considered a mark of good health, excellent grooming skills and hygiene.

How to Find the Beard for Your Face

While there are dozens of guides to help you find the right beard for your hair texture, length, color, and face, an expert barber at the best hair salon in Singapore can help make the process easier for you. Before styling, the barber usually talks with the client to determine the best possible beard style that will suit his lifestyle and his ability to grow a beard.

The beard should hide some of the flaws, but also highlight the best features on your face while adding dimension and contrast. The hair salon stylist will guide you by first determining the shape of your face.

    • Round Face: The goal of having a beard should be to make your face look slimmer by adding illusion of angles on your cheekbones and keeping a full hair on the chin. The hair salon in Singapore will probably recommend the Van Dyke and anchor beard for this face shape.
    • Oval Face: If you have this face shape, then you’re lucky. The hair stylist at Far East Plaza in SIngapore will have an easier time trimming and shaping your beard into any style yo
    u want.
    • Square Face: The beard should showcase your attractive jawline while keeping your cheekbones sharp with precise lines. The hair salon will recommend goatee, circle beard, and petite goatee for this face shape.
    • Rectangle Face: The goal of shaping a beard is to make your chin appear shorter and your cheeks wider. The hair salon will recommend mutton chops, chin strap, and gunslinger with mustache styles.

How to Grow and Maintain a Beard

Now that you’ve determined which beard style is the best for you, the hair salon barber will now give you tips on how to maintain your beard while you’re waiting for it to grow to your desired length.

    1. Determine if you can grow a full beard or not. Some people are gifted with the ability to grow a full beard, while some can only grow stubbles or mustaches – and that’s fine.

    2. Do not grow a beard if your lifestyle or job makes it difficult to do so. While beards are more acceptable in most jobs nowadays, you should only grow a beard if you have the time and patience to care for it.

    3. Look for and follow the outline of the bottom of your cheekbones. While waiting for the hair to grow to a desired length, you should still try to keep it in shape by occasional trimming.

    4. Remove hair below the Adam’s apple. The hair salon barber will advise you to trim anything that grows on the neck or above the cheek border to keep the hair lines neat.

    5. Keep the hair color natural, because the natural texture could affect how the hair coloring looks.

    6. Use mild beard shampoo and keep your face clean all the time. Brush or comb your hair if you’re sporting a long beard then apply a beard balm or oil to keep the frizz away. The hair salon in Singapore might recommend some products to keep your beard looking great.

Basic Beard Styles for Everyone

There are beard styles for different hair textures, length, and even gray hair. Let’s look at the different beard styles you might want to try at the best hair salon in Singapore.

    • Short Stubble. It can be grown within two weeks, but keep your cheek and neck lines trimmed.
    • Full Beard. Some people want to let their facial hair grow naturally and that will usually take two months for most. The hair salon stylist, however, will advise you to trim the cheeks instead of the neck line.
    • French Fork. This looks like a full beard but the chin hair is styled so that it parts in the middle.
    • Ducktail. Another variation of the full beard, the chin hair is styled to resemble the shape of the duck’s tail.
    • Circle Beard. This is similar to a Van Dyke, but the mustache and hair on the chin are connected.
    • Goatee. This beard includes only a styled chin hair.
    • Imperial. This style includes a disconnected styled beard and styled mustache that needs to be maintained regularly to keep the shape.
    • Van Dyke. This is usually paired with a goatee, with most of the facial hair found on the disconnected mustache and chin.
    • Anchor. The name itself should give you an idea how this should look. A thin mustache is paired with a styled chin hair to create the shape of an anchor.
    • Balbo. There is also another variation to the circle beard called the Balbo, which has straight and precise lines that extend the hair on the neck but are disconnected from the sideburns.
    • Mutton Chops. This includes styled and extended sideburns connected to a mustache. The hair salon stylist will trim or shave the chin hair to achieve the perfect shape.
    • Friendly Mutton Chops. This style has slightly shorter sideburns than the mutton chops.
    • Verdi. This is composed of a full beard but with a styled mustache.
    • Garibaldi. A variation of the full beard, the garibaldi has shaped and extended cheek and chin hair longer than the jawline.
    • Dutch. The style looks similar to a garibaldi beard, but the hair salon stylist will trim or shave the mustache.
    • Tweard or Yeard. This is a full beard that extends beyond the chin and jawlines and will take more than a year to grow.
    • Mustache. There are various mustache styles you can try to pair with your goatee and sideburns besides those already listed here. Some of the most common mustache styles are chevron, handlebar, pencil, horseshoe, and walrus.

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