Aug 16, 2014

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How Singaporeans React About the Chewing Gum Law?

In the past, it is not evident in Singapore that it will prosper because of the colonization of the British Empire. Many people believed that it will be forever lived by theit colonizers. However, years have passed and Singapore achieved its independence from British people. Since then, there are a lot of change s made with the new government.


This includes the implementation of different laws, construction of tall and modern establishments and many morem . on the other hand, many people were shocked since chewing gum law was implemented.

What is Chewing Gum?

Chewing gum is considered a snack in many countries all over the planet. It is made of chicle that is mixed with different flavorings. Chicle is a kind of rubber that comes from sapodilla tree (a tree that can be found in Central America).


Chewing Gum Law History

Because most people in Singapore are misbehaving, the government forced to strictly implement the said law. Since 2004, Singapore banned the selling, buying and eating of chewing gums. However, chewing gums that ate prescribed by medical experts are allowed.

Today, almost all Singaporeans including foreign visitors are mindful about the law. and they also accepted the fact that it is for the good of every people living in the country. On the other hand, there are still a lot of criticisms about the law because it is very strict. But what can they do when it’s for the better of the nation.

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