Oct 5, 2013

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MOH Warns to Limit Outdoor Activities

MOH Warns to Limit Outdoor Activities

Several students and employees suddenly stopped its daily routine or activities in Singapore due to haze or “air pollution” surrounded the entire Singapore Island. In a press briefing, Thursday June 20, the Ministry of Health (MOH), Singapore has warned the public to ‘limit heavy outdoor activities’. In June of 2013, Singapore was reported to face the hazard effect of air pollution allegedly from neighboring countries – Malaysia, Sumatra, in India and Borneo.


These countries tend in restoring or cleaning forests while farmers predominantly rely on the concept of ‘forest fires’. Forest fires on the other hand, largely burned huge trees, hays, weeds or grasses. Burning farm site offers cheap operational expenses to most local farmers. Some 200 schools in Malaysia were instructed to close down due to an open burning in some major areas there.

At the height of air pollution attack, most report from Pollutant Standards Index shows 371 at 0500 GMT on Thursday – is more hazardous than normal pollution gauge, therefore this phenomenon is deemed “hazardous”. This environmental state though can directly trigger abnormal coughing, and watery eyes. This time, the pollution index has exceeds to 268 as of 0900 GMT. Singapore’s current condition can be very bad to human’s respiratory system or heart, such ailments is expected to commence, said by private health practitioner in the city state.


He added that haze [air pollution] ailments could take longer if not remedied right away. In a standard reading by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is interpreted by the PSI system of Singapore. The agency has classified readings as “unhealthy, very unhealthy, and hazardous”. They explained further, readings ranges from 100-200 is called “unhealthy”, sometimes 201-300 is labeled as “very unhealthy” while anything above 300 is known for as “hazardous”.

Some kinds of air pollution have different versions to humankind, and some have no direct effect or hazard to them. In a normal pace, haze can occur at low-level winds from the southwest to southeast vice-versa most particularly during dry season (June-September). The government of Singapore along with its healthcare facilities is highly oriented on the possible brought by pollution fueled by foresters.

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