Nov 9, 2014

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Save the Earth: Plant Trees

In this modern era, we all have experienced the devastating effects of climate change. It destroyed a huge part of everything in this planet. The natural calamities that has taken place in the world is a call for the human race to take care of the planet. The flood, earthquake, tsunami, typhoon landslides and many calamities destroy the Earth is just a short period of time and who’s going to be blamed?


It is us humans. Every now and then, there are equipment that are invented which contribute to the planet’s destruction. However, there are still inventions that is intended for the safety and maintenance of Earth. As an individual living in this planet, you should not sit there and relax, do something essential for the better of the planet.


We need to take action to save the planet through human destructions. We need to plant trees. It is a cliché. However, it is one of the ways to prevent floods from entering into your community and it also prevents landslides form occurring. Loggers, legal or not legal have no authority to destroy the things that are created and maintained by Mother Nature.

Trees should not be cut just to earn profit. The real issue here is not about money, it is about the forest. The more tree cut, the higher the risk it poses to human beings. Cutting the trees is a great way to start landslides. It would also make the temperature very hot because there would be no shade.


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