Oct 18, 2014

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Singapore Myths

Many people were amazed about the facts that they know about Singapore. In fact, when tourists go and check the internet, there are always questions about Singaporean culture, how to deal with it and can tourists easily adjust to the place?


Since internet helps many individuals know about everything, it is really a good idea to search the internet about what’s all about a specific country especially here in Singapore. There are a lot of people who believe about what are written in a website. However, it cannot be avoided since it is only the easiest way to scout if the place is beautiful or not. Below are some myths that are believed by many tourists and are frequently scaring them:


  • The Chewing Gum Law – Most foreign visitors who have plans or have landed in the country believes that when you have violated this law, you are already a criminal. In truth, you are not. As a matter of fact, you are only given a fine plus a community service depending on the offense. It would only become a crime if you use chewing gum as your tool in commiting crimes.
  • Other Minor Offenses – Here in Singapore, it is a mistake if you disobey the laws that are imposed most especially the minor offenses that they say. Most of these offenses are not that strictly implemented contrary to what is said in various website. Like for instance, not flushing of toilet bowls in public toilet. This is now unguarded by authorities since there is an automated system that is placed in those toilet and are automatically flushing after a person pee or poop.


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