Jul 22, 2013

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Slimming the Healthy Way

Slimming the Healthy Way

Singapore HSA (Health Sciences Authority) recently cut down 4 slimming products (V12, CURVY Pearl, VTOX and BONJOUR) that are sold online. HSA noticed that the slimming products contain Sibutramine-an ingredient suspended in Singapore since 2010. The slimming products did not declared the presence of the said substance.

HSA recommended the consumers to stop using the product especially if they feel any discomfort and pain. HSA once again repeated that consumers should be more careful when buying slimming products online. The cutting down of the 4 slimming products is only a part of HSA’s bigger efforts in fighting illegal selling of health products online. If you want to look sexy and thin, the safest way is to do it healthily.


You don’t need slimming drinks because you can look your best by simply doing it naturally. You can consider the following methods to get slimmer and sexier:

Exercise regularly

The first thing that you should do is exercise regularly. A thirty minute exercise can make a difference. If you prefer to do it in fitness centres, you can do so. Fitness instructors will surely guide you. If you want to sweat it out inside the house, you can do simple exercises or you can follow instructional DVDs.

Eat right

Eating the right food is crucial. You can hire a nutritionist or dietician to help you choose the right food. They will devise a meal plan that you should faithfully follow. If you cannot afford one, you can refer to books and magazines.

Get enough sleep

Enough rest or sleep is important as well. Give your body time to recuperate. 8 hours of sleep is good.

Keep an attitude

Without attitude, nothing will be possible. You should be determined and patient enough to reach your goal. Don’t let other people keep you from achieving your dream body.

Slimming is possible without any products.

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