Jul 8, 2015

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Viber Localized Singapore Expressions  


We are social beings. If we are not together, we find ways to communicate and communicating now seems to be more fun than ever. We can now use different private messaging platforms to communicate. As long as there is internet, talks will not end.


If in this case we are using Viber, we will be delighted to know that Viber now localized and released expressions. Viber released sticker packs called Singapore Shiok and Fun in Singapore. The new sticker packs feature local expressions.

The collection gives us everything that we need in order to express our feelings and thought freely. The collection features Singlish expressions that include popular activities here and popular locations. With these stickers, we can have full, meaningful and lively conversations.


Many locals commend Viber’s localization. Viber is significantly putting their time and effort in localizing their stickers to offer users genuine local experience. Viber is also thinking of releasing special SG 50 stickers in commemoration for the nation’s 50th anniversary. The two new sticker packs are free and downloadable at Viber’s Sticker Market. We can give this a try. This will surely bring out the best experience.

Apart from our place, Viber also released other stickers that represent local celebrations like the Rio Carnival in Brazil or Water Festival in Myanmar. Last year, Viber’s World Cup stickers became popular. This kind of effort is much appreciated by locals. Viber should continue this and they will surely prosper.

We can say that Viber’s localizing is successful regardless of the locality or the market. Chatting has never been this fun!


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