Mar 16, 2018

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How Drinking Tea Improves Your Health—and Your Looks

With so many health benefits attached to drinking tea, one can consider it as a “miracle” drink. It effectively lowers cholesterol count, prevents the risk of blindness and dementia, and protects you from potential allergies.
Regardless, did you know that a generous amount of tea on the daily is powerful enough to make you feel good and look good at the same time? That’s right, tea is truly a “miracle” drink since it can also improve your physical appearance and help you look good in general.

Protects your smile
While there is a negative connotation on how drinking tea affects your teeth’s appearance (making it terrible), you might actually want to think otherwise. The belief is said to be a general stereotype. In fact, tea has tannins and fluoride which helps decrease the buildup of plaque and prevents tooth decay. If you combine it with a healthy dental hygiene regimen, you may effectively keep your teeth healthier!

Zero calories
You don’t have to go for diet cola or a zero calorie soda if you want a calorie-free drink. Tea is a healthier option. In its bare form, tea has zero calories. Should you choose to add milk or sweeteners, it is still considerably low in calories compared to other drinks sold in the market. That makes it a satisfying, guilt-free drink which helps you prepare for the day ahead.

Prevents acne breakouts
Tea is notably good for the skin. It has been a common ingredient among skincare products such as facial masks and cleansers, but drinking tea is notably much more effective when it comes to preventing acne breakouts. This is because tea contains rich levels of antioxidants, which has an effect on acne. If you want a youthful and radiant-looking skin, drinking tea will increase your chances of achieving one.

Increases metabolism
If you want to shed a few pounds or get your summer body ready, drink tea more often. Studies suggest that green tea boosts one’s metabolic rate, enabling you to burn additional calories per day than the usual. Tea is also popular among weight-loss programs and is encouraged by fitness trainers to be drank regularly. Over time, you will undoubtedly notice the effect of drinking tea on your weight and body.

Helps bad breath
Tea contains natural compounds such as polyphenols, which notably helps in preventing the occurrence of bad breath. While mints and breath-freshening sprays help in getting rid of your stinky breath, tea on the other hand allows you to eliminate bad breath for good. Over time, the stinky breath will soon disappear and will continue to be gone as you pick up a regular tea habit.

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Mar 16, 2018

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What are Some Healthy Alternatives To Coffee?

Coffee is known to have benefits on the body. Healthy amount of coffee yields to better concentration and state of mind, thus allowing a worker to achieve maximum work productivity. While it is effective in that manner, the drink can also turn to be a hazard if consumed in unhealthy amounts.

Cutting back on your coffee intake means you’re training yourself not to be solely dependent on the drink; so here are some alternatives to give you that caffeine boost you need!

Yerba mate
Yerba Mate is renowned to have the same strength of coffee, euphoria of eating chocolate, and the many health benefits of tea. It is a celebrated drink made from the leaves of the South American holly tree. For those who are unable to start the day without having a cup of coffee, yerba mate is a great alternative. It gives the same kick of energy coffee has, with all the essential nutrients on that. It can be consumed in different ways: cold, hot, with honey, or in a tea infuser.

Kombucha tea
A type of yeast, Kombucha is popularly served as tea in many countries after fermenting it together with sugar, tea, and other necessary flavors. This drink can be a great substitute for coffee. There are lots of health benefits attributed to kombucha. Some of them include regulating the body’s bowel movement, preventing cancer and other diseases, reducing high blood pressure, and more.

Both rich in caffeine, tea is encouraged more than coffee thanks to the many benefits it brings to the body. Teas range in myriad of blends and kinds, and they can either be drunk hot or cold depending on your preference. You can select from the many specialty teas sold in the market; such as black, herbal, or green tea. They are easily accessible in almost all grocery stores. Some are also sweet enough that you don’t necessarily have to throw in some sugar!

Coconut water
Coconut water recently became popular thanks to its growing consumer number. It is one healthy drink which is still increasingly getting famous by the day; a clear, milky liquid which is made out of fresh young coconuts. This coconut drink is naturally sweet, saving you from artificial sweeteners. It is also rich in rehydrating electrolytes and bioactive enzymes, making it a good replacement for even sports drinks.

Sparkling water
Although deemed as a boring beverage by many, sparkling water is one refreshing alternative to satisfy your coffee cravings while hydrating you in the process. You’ll be surprised to realize how sparkling water is actually delicious and hydrating especially when the drink is flavored with all-natural, sugar-free fruit extracts. There is a number of sparkling waters sold in the market you can choose from!

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Feb 12, 2018

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6 Foods to Avoid If Battling Depression

When fighting depression, simple food choices can make a huge difference between feeling worse and feeling more stable. Although burgers and ice cream don’t make us feel anxious or suicidal, too much of these junk foods can cause unfavorable effects to your body’s natural chemistry that might affect your coping mechanism from depression.
If you are someone diagnosed with depression, here’s a list of foods you’re better off avoiding.

1. Alcohol
Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant. If you’re managing mood disorder, better avoid any form of alcoholic drink. Since the central nervous system controls the thinking, reasoning and understanding functions of the brain, it’s a guarantee that it can control your emotions as well. If you drink too much alcohol, it slows down the function of the system, triggering symptoms of depression.

2. Refined Sugar
A bar of chocolate tastes good and provides us that spike of energy. But after 20 minutes, your blood sugar levels plummet, resulting to sugar hangover that depletes your energy, negatively affects your mood and possibly causes sleep disorder, which can further trigger depression.

3. Caffeine
If you are fully dedicated to managing your depression, keep in mind that even moderate amount of coffee can contribute to anxiety and depression. Caffeine is known to disrupt sleeping patterns, making it difficult for you to feel sleepy and stay asleep. It can also cause tremors, nervousness and agitation, which can affect your mood.

4. Hydrogenated Oil
Foods rich in hydrogenated oil are those that are deep fried, such as fried chicken, calamari, cheese sticks and your favorite French fries. Anything deep fried in oil and contains high amount of trans fat can potentially trigger symptoms of depression. Similarly, watch out for foods high in saturated fats, such as butter, regular dairy products and deli meats, as they can trigger the same effects as deep fried foods.

5. Processed Foods
Consuming foods with processed or refined carbohydrates, like cereals, donuts, white bread and pasta, will have the same impact as eating an entire bar of chocolate. After the short time of insulin boost, you will end up feeling irritated, tired and blue.

6. Soy
Tofu and soy milk may be good for the health, but not for someone coping with depression. Although soy is packed with protein, it is also rich in trypsin and protease inhibitors, which are enzymes that make digestion of protein difficult. Also, soy is high in copper, a mineral that’s said to contribute to anxious behavior. If you must include soy to your diet, stick to fermented varieties like miso and tempeh for easier digestion.

Whether you’re fighting depression or just on a diet, remember that feeding with crap will make your feel like crap. If you feed your body with the right food, it will return the favor of making you feel good inside and out.

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Feb 12, 2018

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5 Common Mistakes Solo Travelers Make

Travelling solo has its own perks: you can go extremely cheap or extravagant with your accommodation without someone raising a brow on you and you have absolute freedom where to go, what to do and where to eat. But there are also some mistakes that people commonly make when travelling solo. Check them out before embarking on your next solo flight.

1. Going out to find company
There’s nothing wrong with being friendly, but this can be counterproductive if you’re planning all your tours and trips with your newly found friends. There’s a reason why you chose to go solo. Many travelers who travel in groups wish to have some time alone; you have that luxury, so enjoy it.

2. Strictly sticking to your plans
One of the amazing benefits of solo travelling is that you can be fickle minded. You can instantly change plans without consulting anyone else but yourself. Enjoy this luxury, since you don’t regularly experience this in your everyday life. If you wish to change destination for a tour, want to transfer to a nicer hotel or fly to the next city, go for it.

3. Getting too intoxicated
Getting drunk and misbehaving in public can result to hefty charges, or even imprisonment in some countries. Intoxicating yourself from too much alcohol also clouds your mind, resulting to poor judgment that can potentially endanger yourself. Veteran solo travelers advise to approach the concierge of the venue to make arrangements with them to bring you safely to your hotel on the closing time of the bar. However, prevention is better than cure; it is still much safer to keep yourself sober the entire night.

4. Forgetting to make reservations
Standing in long queues is such a waste of time. So, it is always better to make your reservations ahead of time for everything you will need during your trip. Especially the accommodation, expect fully booked hotels around the city when flying on a peak season. By reserving a place before you arrive, you won’t have to deal with the waiting game for hours.

5. Shying out and cutting off casual conversations
If you wish to explore the culture outside Singapore, know people’s way of living and meet new friends from different places in the world, travelling solo will require great courage. Most people have a bit of shyness in them, and travelling alone can pronounce this trait more. To get meaningful encounters, you need to suppress your shyness and appear friendlier. One way to get started is to approach shops and restaurants and ask for directions. From there, you can start chatting about the place, the neighborhood or how long they have been in the area.

Solo travels are fun and are the best way to explore the place, as well as to know yourself even more. Make the most out of your trip by knowing what to do and what not to do during a solo travel.

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Jan 24, 2018

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8 Common Home Pests You Need to Get Rid Of

Other than roaches, rodents, termites and bed bugs, many homes in Singapore are infiltrated with these common home pests. To get rid of cockroaches is one main goal of hiring a pest control management, but other that you also have to liberate your home from the following common household pests:

Ants – These formidable insects are very good at finding sources of food and are highly adaptive. Even if you do find their nest, they can easily leave the area and find another spot in your home when they feel threatened. Controlling their numbers won’t be easy unless you call for help from a pest control management company in Singapore. After all, different ant species require different pest control methods to terminate pest.

Ticks – These are considered parasite that thrive on the blood of their hosts. They can be found not just on your pets, but also among humans and other animals including the other pests that live in your home. If you live in an old apartment in Singapore, you will need to repair any cracks and gaps in the structure that might be hiding places for ticks and other home pests. To terminate pest, you will need to contact pest control services to determine the best way to get rid of the infestation.

Mites – There are various species of mites, but the one you have to look out for cause skin irritation and become vectors for deadly diseases. It’s difficult to determine if your home has a mite infestation, but the first sign is usually the allergies and skin irritation among family members and pets. Call in Singapore if you think you have mite infestation at home.

Silverfish – If you have a lot of storage boxes and books at home, you will also most likely find silverfish near them. They can be destructive when they thrive in dark and damp areas and could destroy your clothing, books and other paper, upholstery and wallpaper. Silverfish infestation can also attract other insects in your home that feed on them, and they can also cause allergies in some people.

Gnats – These are classified one of the several types of flies and are commonly attracted to areas in your home that have decomposing food and moist soil. Although they will not cause any structural damage in residential areas, gnats can be carriers of pathogens not just for humans, but also for house plants.

Lice – Different species of lice live in different hosts, and even the human lice can only thrive in specific areas. If you have pets infested with lice, they can also cause skin irritation and rashes among humans. To terminate pest effectively, you will need recommendations from the pest control services in Singapore on which chemicals should be used to watch clothing and linen.

Meal Moths – Also called weevils, meal moths are not just attracted to food and can spoil them, but they can also feed on your clothes, carpets, and linen. Call the pest control management company to assess the situation.

Spiders – They do not necessarily cause structural damage and health problems, but there are a few species that can cause serious medical issues if venomous. If you think that your home is spider-infested, call the pest control services to perform an assessment.

These pests are not only a threat to your property, but also to your and your family’s health. Make sure to have your home free from many of these disease-causing pests by calling a professional pest control service.

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Oct 4, 2017

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Different Beard Styles You Should Try

Beards have been used as fashion statements since our ancestors started sporting them. Nowadays, an individual’s ability to keep a healthy, beautifully trimmed beard is considered a mark of good health, excellent grooming skills and hygiene.

How to Find the Beard for Your Face

While there are dozens of guides to help you find the right beard for your hair texture, length, color, and face, an expert barber at the best hair salon in Singapore can help make the process easier for you. Before styling, the barber usually talks with the client to determine the best possible beard style that will suit his lifestyle and his ability to grow a beard.

The beard should hide some of the flaws, but also highlight the best features on your face while adding dimension and contrast. The hair salon stylist will guide you by first determining the shape of your face.

    • Round Face: The goal of having a beard should be to make your face look slimmer by adding illusion of angles on your cheekbones and keeping a full hair on the chin. The hair salon in Singapore will probably recommend the Van Dyke and anchor beard for this face shape.
    • Oval Face: If you have this face shape, then you’re lucky. The hair stylist at Far East Plaza in SIngapore will have an easier time trimming and shaping your beard into any style yo
    u want.
    • Square Face: The beard should showcase your attractive jawline while keeping your cheekbones sharp with precise lines. The hair salon will recommend goatee, circle beard, and petite goatee for this face shape.
    • Rectangle Face: The goal of shaping a beard is to make your chin appear shorter and your cheeks wider. The hair salon will recommend mutton chops, chin strap, and gunslinger with mustache styles.

How to Grow and Maintain a Beard

Now that you’ve determined which beard style is the best for you, the hair salon barber will now give you tips on how to maintain your beard while you’re waiting for it to grow to your desired length.

    1. Determine if you can grow a full beard or not. Some people are gifted with the ability to grow a full beard, while some can only grow stubbles or mustaches – and that’s fine.

    2. Do not grow a beard if your lifestyle or job makes it difficult to do so. While beards are more acceptable in most jobs nowadays, you should only grow a beard if you have the time and patience to care for it.

    3. Look for and follow the outline of the bottom of your cheekbones. While waiting for the hair to grow to a desired length, you should still try to keep it in shape by occasional trimming.

    4. Remove hair below the Adam’s apple. The hair salon barber will advise you to trim anything that grows on the neck or above the cheek border to keep the hair lines neat.

    5. Keep the hair color natural, because the natural texture could affect how the hair coloring looks.

    6. Use mild beard shampoo and keep your face clean all the time. Brush or comb your hair if you’re sporting a long beard then apply a beard balm or oil to keep the frizz away. The hair salon in Singapore might recommend some products to keep your beard looking great.

Basic Beard Styles for Everyone

There are beard styles for different hair textures, length, and even gray hair. Let’s look at the different beard styles you might want to try at the best hair salon in Singapore.

    • Short Stubble. It can be grown within two weeks, but keep your cheek and neck lines trimmed.
    • Full Beard. Some people want to let their facial hair grow naturally and that will usually take two months for most. The hair salon stylist, however, will advise you to trim the cheeks instead of the neck line.
    • French Fork. This looks like a full beard but the chin hair is styled so that it parts in the middle.
    • Ducktail. Another variation of the full beard, the chin hair is styled to resemble the shape of the duck’s tail.
    • Circle Beard. This is similar to a Van Dyke, but the mustache and hair on the chin are connected.
    • Goatee. This beard includes only a styled chin hair.
    • Imperial. This style includes a disconnected styled beard and styled mustache that needs to be maintained regularly to keep the shape.
    • Van Dyke. This is usually paired with a goatee, with most of the facial hair found on the disconnected mustache and chin.
    • Anchor. The name itself should give you an idea how this should look. A thin mustache is paired with a styled chin hair to create the shape of an anchor.
    • Balbo. There is also another variation to the circle beard called the Balbo, which has straight and precise lines that extend the hair on the neck but are disconnected from the sideburns.
    • Mutton Chops. This includes styled and extended sideburns connected to a mustache. The hair salon stylist will trim or shave the chin hair to achieve the perfect shape.
    • Friendly Mutton Chops. This style has slightly shorter sideburns than the mutton chops.
    • Verdi. This is composed of a full beard but with a styled mustache.
    • Garibaldi. A variation of the full beard, the garibaldi has shaped and extended cheek and chin hair longer than the jawline.
    • Dutch. The style looks similar to a garibaldi beard, but the hair salon stylist will trim or shave the mustache.
    • Tweard or Yeard. This is a full beard that extends beyond the chin and jawlines and will take more than a year to grow.
    • Mustache. There are various mustache styles you can try to pair with your goatee and sideburns besides those already listed here. Some of the most common mustache styles are chevron, handlebar, pencil, horseshoe, and walrus.

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Sep 25, 2017

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A Brief Guide on Choosing Between an Inkjet and Laser Printer

Nowadays, there are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration if you are looking to buy a new office printer, or any printer for that matter. The brand, for one, is one of the most common factors most people look into when buying new products. Printers are used often and relied heavily on by various enterprises, hence it is only imperative to make sure it is of high-quality and can last for long stretches of time.

Your search for a printer or copier is now made a whole lot easier since there are lots of shops who sell printer in Singapore. With the varied specifications each of these device have, you can always consult with your seller to ask further questions or raise any concern you feel might arise in the long run. A product’s warranty is also an important part to be covered — hence don’t forget to discuss this when you go out to buy printer.

In Singapore, most households and businesses are leaning towards inkjet printers to cater their day-to-day printing needs. Does this make them a better choice between a laser printer? No, not really. Though laser printers are usually used by large companies, there are now available color model laser printers in the market which come in an affordable price as well as suitable sizes for home or office use.

Main difference

One of the most common choices you’ll face as you get a new printer is whether you should go for an Inkjet or laser printer. An inkjet printer or copier machine makes use of liquid ink which is sprayed through tiny, microscopic nozzles on the paper; while laser printers utilize a toner cartridge full of fine powder along with a heated fuser.

They are both good choices for a colour printer. The former gets printing done by dropping ink spots onto the paper, which then creates a digital image once completed, while the latter produces a digital image through a laser beam’s scanning across photoreceptors. If you are an artist, for instance, you can rely on either one from in Singapore to produce a sound hardcopy of your digital illustration depending on how heavy the graphics are. Regardless of type, however, both color model printers can become good choices as graphic art printer.

Both of these printers have their own strengths and weaknesses. They also have their own respective approaches when it comes to getting the prints done. If you want to buy the best office printer available, you should first consider the particular usage you have in mind for the equipment in order to figure out which type of printer or copier machine can cater to your printing needs efficiently.

Inkjet Printers

• Inkjet printers enjoy popularity in Singapore because they are great for printing photos and documents which are heavy on images, as well as serving as a good copier. This type of printer does a better job at blending smooth colors on images, compared to most laser printers.
• Aside from being a good option for a colour printer, inkjet printers are also cost-effective. Their prices are cheaper compared to laser printers, and their ink cartridges are also less expensive than toner cartridges.
• The functionality of an inkjet printer or copier machine also appeals to the users. For one, the printer can print on a few types of paper which includes photo paper, glossy paper, textured stationery, and at times even on some fabrics.
• People are leaning towards getting an inkjet printer and copier when they buy printer because these printers tend to be smaller in size, thus making them easier to maintain and manage. There is also little to almost no warm-up time needed prior to the printing which can cut back on your electricity consumption.
• Speaking of cutting back on your resources, inkjet cartridges can also be reused and refilled. You don’t have to purchase a new one when you can refill the old container for a much cheaper price. With that, you can save plenty of dollars and save it for other matters instead.

Laser Printer

• On the other hand, a laser printer prints faster compared to an inkjet one. While this perk is unnoticeable if you only print a few pages at a given time, high-volume printers will enjoy this big difference. This can be convenient if you’re printing documents for company reports or thick research papers.
• If you mostly print documents which are laden with pure text and only occasional graphic images, then owning a laser printer is a good idea. These printers are capable of producing sharp black text to perfection. They are also better at printing small fonts and fine lines compared to inkjet.
• Though toner cartridges for a copier machine can be a little more expensive than inkjet cartridges in Singapore, the former can print more sheets relative to their cost and tend to be less wasteful in general. This is practical for a student who has a number of academic papers to submit every semester, or a company who requires a number of personnel to regularly pass summary reports.
• This kind of printer is good at printing simple graphic illustrations, but most people would go for inkjet if they want a quality graphic art printer for their designs. Graphic artists, for instance, are very meticulous when their digital art is produced into a hardcopy. This makes laser a less viable choice since smooth photographs can be a challenge even for a color model laser printer or copier.

The key to finding out which type of printer suits you most boils down on the usage you intend it for. Both inkjet and laser printer have their own fair share of advantages and disadvantages — and it’s up to you to decide which one is a better fit for your printing needs. Consult with your local supplier about the situation to ask questions or raise possible concerns. You will need all the information you can get to help you in your decision-making process.

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