Nov 8, 2016

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6 Items That You Should Never Be Thrown Away


Nobody likes clutter, and we’re often tempted to just toss in the bin everything that’s seemingly useless, but you will be surprised to find out how much you can reuse some of these things. Of course, it’s not okay to hoard, but you can find good uses for some objects that many usually throw in the trash. Here are six things that are worth re-using around your home.


  1. Binder Clips

If you are cleaning your office and came across a few of these butterfly-winged tools, don’t even think of tossing them in the trash. In the life-hacker community, these clips are essential tools for DIY household solutions.

  1. Plastic Spray Bottles

If you have finished your all-purpose suds, save the spray bottle and use it for your green cleaners. Combine ingredients like water, vinegar and castile soap in a spray bottle. You’ll save money and keep your home clean, while being green.

  1. Eyeglasses

There are so many people in developing countries without access or who can’t afford prescription glasses. Poor eyesight renders them uneducated and unemployed, driving them deeper into poverty. There are quite a number of charitable institutions out there that accept donations of second-hand glasses, sort them by grade and ship them to places where majority of the population cannot afford the luxury of a decent vision.


  1. Broken Tiles

You may think that anything broken is unusable, but not your floor tiles. If you have broken bits of tiles, use them to elevate your potted plants. When potted plants have seated on the soil for too long, mold may grow and rot the plant. Improve drainage and elevate the roots by adding a layer of broken tiles.

  1. Food Jars

Use those baby food jars as salt and pepper shakers. These are great alternatives to plastic containers, since glass keeps the flavour better and the moisture at bay. If you have a lot of mini jars to re-use, convert your entire spice cabinet for a uniform look.

  1. Electronics

TVs, computers and cell phones easily go out of fashion, so fast that some people have collections of non-defective gadgets that are just collecting dust in the basement. If you’re tempted to toss yesterday’s technology to the curb, realize that recycling one million laptops will save as much electricity as 3,000 homes in Singapore consume in a year.

These are just a few of the many items you commonly see around the house that you can surely find a second life for. What other things have you find in your home? What other uses have you found for these items?

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