Nov 2, 2020

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Fashion Items You Should Stop Wearing in College

Going to college and starting a new phase in your life can be daunting, but it can also be quite exciting since it’s the time when you’ll get to know yourself more. Your taste in clothes will differ and your style will completely change. In short, your college wardrobe will now be a completely different ball game. So get ready to leave some of your clothing pieces behind as you learn which fashion items you won’t be needing for college.

Band Merchandise

We know how much you love your favourite band, but you no longer need to wear their merchandise when you’re in college since it’s already time to experiment with new styling and clothing pieces. You can wear it minimally, but just ensure that the face of your favourite artists isn’t printed on the entire shirt.

Worn Out Flip-Flops

Some universities in Singapore may allow wearing of flip-flops in school, but it might be time for you to trade in your good old flip-flops for some cute flats and sandals. Although flip-flops are extremely comfortable, it could give other people or your professor an impression that you won’t even bother to wear some presentable shoes for college.

Bright Coloured Pants

Your college outfits could last you either a year or the entire four years you’ll be studying at the university. For that reason, do invest in a good pair of jeans – not the bright coloured ones, since it’ll less likely last you a year in college.

Eccentric Shorts

Taking the lead from ditching your coloured jeans, it might also be best if you already put your eccentric shots to rest. If your shorts have more than one pattern or colour in them, then it’s best to leave them behind and get yourself a pair of plain or denim shorts that would match your outfits better.

High School Shirts

University life is about embracing the new place and culture you’re in. You could still show off your school spirit with your new school tees and not your old high school shirts. You could still wear them every once in a while, but remember that you’ve already worn them enough during your high school years.

While it may feel a bit overwhelming, getting into college could also be exciting since you get to learn more about yourself – and that includes discovering your personal style. Your college outfits are on a completely different level now, and one of the best ways to kick-start your new styling in this upcoming years is to ditch the aforementioned fashion items from your college wardrobe. With this, you’ll be able to enjoy your new life with a new you.

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