Oct 15, 2014

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The Three Known Medium and their Function in the Society

As the technology advances, the equipment all over the globe are also improving. As a matter of fact, the three medium (Television, Radio and Print) in the world gained some improvements and are now keeping the phase that it started.

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Apparently, some experts say that it is better to use the new media (Internet) and discontinue using watching television, listening to radio and reading magazines or newspapers. And instead of using those, it is more convenient if we will only using one medium.

These statements are strongly disagreed by television and radio networks as well as newspaper and print companies all over the globe. This is because the three medium has a very important role in the society.


This is the most efficient medium among print and radio. Television is a combination of the two mentioned medium but the only edge of television is that all that is seen are moving. It is not the same with print media because there is only a still motion in print whereas in TV, there are moving scenes.



Radio is the fastest medium of all. Why? This is because there are no large and heavy equipment to be used to air a particular news. In radio, it can be in a single call. Once you inform the radio technician that there’s a big news, he can immediate cut what is playing and give way for the information that is needed to be aired.


Although print is not as fast as radio and as more visual as TV, it still has a big role in the community because in print, you can always re-read the following statements once you have forgotten the times lot of radio and TV news program.


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