Jan 26, 2017

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On Set Bedtime Routine: Grown-ups Should Also Observe It


Sleep is a very important aspect in one’s growth and development. It is your body’s way of recuperating and restoring the energy needed for the next day’s use therefore it should not be ignored no matter what. Many Singaporeans think that only kids need sleeping and so adults set a bedtime routine. Parents enforce a strict bedtime routine for the children.

When the night falls, children already know the drill – sleep at around 8 or 9PM, lights out and no gadgets. Children have no choice but to follow the set bedtime routine. Unfortunately, it is an entirely different scenario for adults. Adults think that they are above the routine – no set sleeping time and continuous scrolling on social media not to mention Netflix addiction and unplanned pub hopping.

When you are an adult, there are many things that you should do – work related or not, and before you know it, it is already 3AM. By this time, you are already panicking because you have work at 9AM. How much sleep will you get? Then you resort to frantically counting the sheep over your mind in the hopes that you will sleep soon. Sometimes you even curse yourself for getting distracted.

If this is a problem, you have to train yourself maintaining the same bedtime as well as waking time every day. It gives adults a good chance of accomplishing quality and revitalizing sleep. How can you set a bedtime routine? Well, you have to know the basics first.

For sure you heard about circadian rhythm (or often referred as body clock). This is the body’s natural cycle that efficiently regulate all physiological processes. Sleep is mainly controlled by circadian rhythm. There are four stages of your sleep cycle. Stages 1 and 2 are the lightest stage (you can easily be awaken), Stage 3 is deeper (you are now hard to wake) and Stage 4 is called Rapid Eye Movement where you dream. Fewer sleeping time will lead to sleep deprivation.

It is time that you know the benefits of set bedtime routine. For one it can improve emotional wellbeing plus it can enhance cognitive function. If you slept well, it can in fact have a positive impact on your relationships. When you lack sleep, notice that you are not your normal self because you tend to experience poor mood, low energy and surge irritability leading to poor performance or productivity.

Now, how will you set your bedtime routine? It is not like you are going to ask your parents to enforce it to you once again. You are a grown person so you have the power to change your life. The first thing that you can do is to set a night time alarm. It will let you know when your body will get ready for sleep.

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Jan 4, 2017

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A Guide to Finding a Reliable Electrician

There’s really nothing wrong with DIY projects, except when it comes to your home’s electrical system. Handling electricity can be dangerous. Apart from the risk of getting electrocuted, the slightest wiring glitch can increase the risk of starting a fire. To ensure your and your family’s safety, hire a professional and reliable electrician services to take care of your electrical works.

1. License

Anyone can claim they are an electrician, but not all have the license to prove it. Obtaining a license takes time, proper training, and dedication. The license proves that an electrician takes his career seriously and will take the job given to them critically. An unlicensed electrician may come cheaper, but they are not bonded, insured, and certified. When looking for a professional to do your electrical works at home, ask to see a proof of their licensure.

2. Insurance

Professional electricians are required to have workers’ compensation coverage and liability insurance. It is important that an electrician servicing contractor in Singapore has liability insurance to serve as your protection in case of an accident that may happen while the job is going on. Another insurance-related matter to check is whether the electrician is bonded. This means you will be reimbursed for any damage or loss of property during the completion of the task. Hiring an electrician with no insurance will leave you and your properties at risk.

3. Experience

Another important thing to consider is an electrician’s experience. When looking for an electrician in Singapore, take the time to know more about their background. Ask to see evidence of previous—if possible most recent—jobs that are the same with the task you want them to do. This helps ensure that they have enough experience executing the type of work you require them to carry out. A trustworthy and reliable professional will be more than willing to inform you of their experience and will courteously address your concerns.

4. Specialization

Since electricians master different electrical jobs, it is important to look for one who specializes in the job you need for your home. For example, if you want to install a new fixture wiring or replace your old circuit box, don’t waste your effort—and money—hiring a commercial contractor that wires large buildings.

5. Warranty

A licensed and reputable electrician will stand by their work. Find out whether an electrician has a warranty that provides solution to remedy accidents or damage that may arise shortly after the job is completed. A good electrician ensures that their job is efficient and their client is satisfied with the work before signing off from a job.

6. Recommendations

Start with family, friends, and colleagues that have had electrical works done by an expert. Ask the people you know in your local area if they have a good contractor to recommend. Also, ask if they have dealt with the same electrical issues and who did they call to fix the problem. You can also stop by your local electrical supply and see if they can recommend a licensed electrician in your area.

7. Reviews

Aside from getting other people’s recommendations, look for reviews of a contractor online. Search a contractor online and read customer reviews to find out whether an electrician is both reliable and reputable. Read reviews and testimonials in their website, but most importantly, visit third party websites for honest and unbiased reviews.

8. Pricing

When searching for a reputable electrician in Singapore, consider several contractors and compare their prices. Extra cheap service fees is a red flag of an unreliable service and is often a sign that an electrician is not licensed and insured, while overly expensive pricing isn’t always the best choice to take. For this, make sure to do thorough research. Compare services, and see whether the price is reasonable for their qualifications.

9. Knowledge of Safety Codes

A legitimate electrician in Singapore has mastered the safety codes and procedures set by the government to ensure people’s safety. If you try to research the national safety code, you will know that it is not going to be a light read. A good electrician has fully understood and mastered these codes and is updated of the newest procedures set by the authority. Ensure the safety of your property by hiring only a knowledgeable and educated contractor.

10. Accurate and Detail-Oriented

Because of highly-technical nature of electrical works, an electrician should never take second guesses when dealing with electrical scenarios. A professional should be fully aware that accuracy is a critical factor in the job, because their lives and their customer’s safety are at stake when they commit errors.

11. Reliable and Congenial

A seasoned electrician services provider knows very much that a professional ethic and amiable attitude will gain him more customers. A professional electrician also knows that earning good reputation is also about building friendly relationship with their clients. Since they work with different types of people, the ability to deal with different personalities is an important aspect of a good electrician.

Electricity problems cannot always be anticipated. That’s why it’s always recommended to know an expert before you even experience complex troubles with your electrical system.

Choosing a licensed professional also means that you are ensuring your property’s safety. If you want to protect your property and ensure your and your family’s safety, as well as the safety of all the people residing in your property, every point stated above is essential to your success.

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Oct 19, 2016

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AV Equipment Negotiating Tips for a Successful Event

Working with a certified AV equipment rental company and getting good audio and visual services are important to any event’s success. However, their services can get a little pricey. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to negotiate with your AV equipment provider, lessen your cost, and still get the audio visual services that’s ideal for your event.


1. Have a flexible schedule

All companies have marginal dates or seasons when their services and products have the lowest demand, and the same is true for AV equipment rental companies. To save on cost, find out what week, month or time of the year are the slowest for your prospect audio visual provider. Once you know this, schedule your event around that time to avail of discounts that the provider might offer.

2. Be clear about what equipment you really need and what your budget is

If you are going to have some guest speakers at your event, be sure to list down all the equipment that they will be needing and the ones that they will be bringing to the affair. Encourage them to leave their laptops home and just save their presentations onto a USB drive. Getting all the AV equipment for your event from one source like soundimage pa system rental for events in Singapore will lessen the chances of experiencing compatibility issues. Also, make sure to give your budget range to your provider so they can give you better quote options for your audio visual needs.

3. Ask for a multi-event or a multi-year contract from the same AV rental service company

Once you find an AV equipment and PA system rental company that you can rely on, commission them for all of your scheduled events in the months or years to come. Doing this will put you in a great position to negotiate a discount, and even an option to cancel their service should you run into some serious problems. Plus, you also get to establish a good partnership between you and your equipment provider.

4. Set a budget for your AV needs and see if it will work for your prospective provider

Before talking with one or more AV equipment providers in your area in Singapore, you should already know the low and high end of your budget for equipment rental and labour costs. After sharing this information with your chosen company, ask them if they can already provide their audio visual services to your event with just the given budget.

The equipment provider’s answer will determine whether or not the negotiation continues. If it doesn’t, then it’s best to move on with another PA system rental company. Avoid dragging the negotiation process for too long, especially if your chosen provider has already hinted that it’s impossible to do what you want with the fee that you budgeted.


5. Inquire if they can give you a tear-down discount and a show rate

Setting up visual and sound system equipment takes longer time than the clean-up, with the technicians needing to test, adjust and then retest each equipment. Also, ask if they can give you an overall show rate rather than just racking up daily costs and be sure to inquire about a tear-down discount as well so you could cut your costs and still get the AV services that you need.

6. Secure a “not to exceed” total bill as a part of your negotiations

As you start working on the contract negotiations with your AV equipment provider, be sure to ask that the final bill not exceed a certain percentage (10 percent at that) of the original pricing that you both agreed upon without any authorization.

The same goes for when you might have any last-minute additions or need of their equipment and services. Doing this will protect you from any surprise charges, while allowing your sound system provider to stay focused on providing the services that your event really needs. If possible, do engage an AV project manager or assign someone from your team to handle this process and inform you when change of orders needs to be done.

7. Ask for the right to inspect the AV equipment you will be renting before its set up

Before you proceed on signing a contract with your chosen AV provider in Singapore, ask them if it’s possible for you to inspect the equipment they will be providing. Once you get the go signal, verify that each equipment is in good working condition, that it’s the right gear that you ordered and take note of any damages the equipment has prior to setting it up. This will save you from any headaches, especially if you are only planning to have the audio visual equipment dropped off and picked up later.

8. Be sure to read the contract three times before signing it

Once everything is settled, be sure to read the contract they printed out as many times as possible before signing it. List down any additions, changes or deletions that you want to have on the contract and discuss it with your provider. Explain why you want to have these changes, but understand that not all the changes will be granted. Be flexible and be sure to reach a good deal between you and your AV rental company in Singapore.

Learning how to negotiate with your chosen AV provider will help you get the audio visual services that you need for your event at a lower cost. So put these negotiating tips to work the next time you decide to hire an audio visual company for your event so you could get good AV services at a reasonable price.


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