Apr 19, 2016

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How to Impress on the First Date


Many Singaporean women are already financially independent and wielding influential power in the office space. Although traditional ways are still held in high regard in Singapore, the Western ways of dating is becoming more and more popular especially for those men and women who don’t have enough time getting to know other people and prefer the conventional ways of modern dating. When it comes to dating, making a good first impression is important for men to score another date as it’s often the make and break of the dating period.


Be Punctual

Women have the prerogative of being waited on so make sure that you come on time for your first date. Nothing can be a major turn off than a guy who comes in late no matter what excuse. Although, this may not really be such a hard task as most women like to take their time and arrive a little bit late than their agreed time. Still, watch out for those women who are always on time.

Create a Positive Atmosphere

Set your date somewhere calm, quiet, and romantic even. First dates should be about you two getting to know each other so it would be ideal to be able to carry on conversations with minimal distractions. Gear your topics on neutral grounds to create a friendly non-invasive atmosphere. You can also add on the positive atmosphere by using pleasant words and sharing smiles from time to time.

Be a Gentleman

Chivalry is said to be dead nowadays but don’t let it be so especially on your first date. Women are easily impressed with gentlemanly thoughtful gestures such as opening the door for her, pulling the chair for her, carrying her things, and walking on the hazard part of the road. Be one of the few gentlemen still alive in this century.


Be a Good Listener

Avoid dead air during your first date. Encourage your date to talk by asking friendly yet interesting questions to keep the mood alive. You’ll also show your interest in her by the questions that you ask. But make sure you don’t ask her about too personal and intimate things first. There’s a better time for that. Show that you’re a good listener by looking at her as she talks and giving listening responses such as nodding your head, agreeing verbally, or smiling at her.

Act Your Mature Self

It’s really all about putting your best foot forward during first dates. Women like to be with men whom they think are gentlemen, sensible, and mature individuals. So just be mature and be your usual best self.


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