Mar 18, 2016

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5 Realizations You’ll Get After Graduation


Graduation are always a special and memorable event in our lives. It is the time for celebration and pleasure for surviving years in school and finally being able to surpass every challenges that you faced in your academic journey. It is a significant milestone in our life which will always be cherished for a lifetime.


There is a big number of students who graduate college annually. In Singapore, year 2012 there are 674,000 university graduates in just a year. Each year, the number grows bigger and bigger producing more graduates yearly. But the question is, with this great number of graduates what do they usually end up realizing after they graduated their tertiary education? Here are five realizations that fresh graduates usually realize after graduation;

  1. You will realize that success is not a straight road, it’s a roller coaster zigzag path to the finish line. Everyone thinks that reaching success will always be an easy road but guess what? It isn’t. There is no shortcut in success and that’s what fresh graduates do realize the moment they enter the real world, their own chosen field. There will always be trials and problems that will come along the way that they must face but like everything, when you overcome it all, things will eventually fall into place and will be worth it.


  1. Work is not always a guarantee. After graduation, most graduates’ think that next will be having a job, but in reality looking for a job and finding a job isn’t that easy. It is never easy to find a job to help you pay your bills. It is not an all the time guarantee that when you graduate you will eventually have a job after that. Life is complicated and you have to seek things that you want, chase after them before you can finally have one.


  1. Your profession and passion will not always be in synced with each other, and decision-making becomes tougher. After graduating, most of us thinks that it is finally the time for us to do and chase the desires of our hearts. Believing that it is the time for doing the things we are passionate about. But life is not easy as it is, because sometimes are passion will not be enough for us to live and pay bills. We are stuck on deciding whether we continue or passion or thrive more in our profession. It is a usual dilemma but eventually as you grow, you will be able to come up with the right solution.


  1. Making money is not easy, not as easy as we think it is. Spending was easy before when you are still in college but when you graduate things will turn upside down and you will soon realize that making money is never an easy thing to do. It is not a joke to work all day in order earn money to spend and be able to survive.


  1. Life is a competition, so never settle for something less. The most awakening realization that most graduating student realize when finishing college is that life is never easy and it is never a fair game. Every day is a competition, not just with anybody else, but the competition within yourself. Life is not an easy plan we designed for ourselves because life is what we make it, so if we want to win and succeed we should always strive for something great.

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