Mar 14, 2016

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5 Types of Facebook Friends   


Living in the 20th century would be hard to imagine without having the high rise of technological advancement, internets and thousands of appearing social media sites on line. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other sites are continuing to rise to fame since it is a fact that this sites are one of the necessities of the generation of today. Amongst it all, the most famous media site of today is Facebook where millions of people from around the globe has joined for either fun, communication or making new friends.


In the online world, over 74% of the Singaporeans use social media in a regular basis. And with this number it is said that 3.8 million of Singaporeans are registered Facebook users. YES – that’s how many people only in Singapore uses Facebook. Imagine the scope of having all this countries with a percentage of Facebook users. With all this numbers, certainly there are different kinds of people you usually find in Facebook, and here are 5 types of friend you usually have on Facebook;

  1. The “Timeline Selfie” Addicts

In Facebook we always have that one friend who floods our timeline with his or her selfie every now and then. That kind of person who takes vanity to a whole new level. They are the one who posts basically every time with new selfies with captions like “Just got home from school”, “So stressed out from work”, “Messy hair don’t care” and other captions that doesn’t really relate to the picture. They are fun to look at and they really do exist.

  1. The fierce one who always has an enemy on social media

Like any other, there is also that friend who seems to always have some issues with himself or with some else. Usually, they posts how much they hate the world, their life or a specific person making Facebook as their war zone. They seem to be a little too intense in language and they tend to catch your attention.

  1. The always in love with their girlfriend / boyfriend and shows it to the world

How could we missed the constant “I love you’s” and cheesy love quotes posted by that specific friend who seems so in love with his guy or girl right? We see them on our timeline constantly flirting with each other and telling the world how much they mean to each other. They constantly posts pictures of them together with captions of love and relationship goals which makes our single friends grow bitter and jealous. Funny but this kind of Facebook friends are really quite entertaining.

Facebook app in front of Facebook

  1. The timeline is my diary kind of friend

We could never exclude that friend who made Facebook his or her virtual diary. They are the ones who post status of “At the moments” and what they are currently feeling, doing, watching or even eating. They are the kind who wants to inform everyone of what is happening in their life whether they are happy, sad, irritated or excited they share it all to the world.

  1. The “Share-Information” ambassador

This is the kind of friends who posts nothing on their timeline except links from different informative pages on Facebook like Buzzfeed and Mental Floss. They usually are there to help you get informed with the things that you must now. They are very helpful by the way.

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