May 11, 2013

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A Guide to Home Building

A Guide to Home Building

If you are renting or leasing a place, it is time to think about having your own place. It is a different feeling if you are living in your house with your name on it. The sense of security is the best feeling. Indeed building a home is hard especially if you have to start from scratch but there are many people and ideas that you can work with to make your dream home your actual home.

Starting a home begins long before you pour the foundation.  Just make sure you are ready for the demands and the pressure it will bring. You can consider this as your guide:

Determine your budget

It is important that you determine your budget first. You should think how much you can afford. You should determine if you need a loan or a mortgage. A small home is cheaper of course. If you want a bigger one, carefully go through your finances. Make sure that you will not drain your savings or resources.

Pick your lot

Before choosing floor plans and pouring the foundation, it is imperative to look for lots. Lots are either cheap or expensive depending on the location. You should investigate things like the accessibility, water supply, soil condition and the drainage.

Gather your team

You cannot do everything alone. You need a team that can help you until the last day. You need a pool of people with expertise in home building like surveyor, excavator, architect, engineer, home designer and builders. If you reach this point, the first thing that you should do is contact your contractor. Discuss the contract.

Choose your plan

You can ask for a custom made plan which will require the services of an architect. If you don’t have this luxury, builders have catalogues that you can choose from. Of course they will just modify the rooms so that it can meet your needs.

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