Jun 2, 2014

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Famous Restaurants in Singapore and Their Famous Dishes

While Singapore is an economically stable country, it is also the home of elegant yet delicious foods. A mixture of foods from different countries around the globe results the appetizing cuisine of Singapore. From local cuisine to international cuisine, Singapore is at its best when it comes to cooking.


1.       BQ Bar: Dharma’s Kebabs

Since bars are known for live music and pleasant drinks, BQ Bar is not behind any other bars in Singapore especially that they have their most famous and well-liked cuisine – Dharma’s Kebabs. So, if you want to find Dharma’s Kebabs in Singapore, go to Boat Quay and find BQ Bar.

2.       Din Tai Fung: Steamed Dumplings

Initially, Din Tai Fung is an international food chain that comes from the neighboring country of Singapore – Thailand. Din Tai Fung is a popular food chain in the world wherein they serve Steamed dumplings as their best seller. Today, you’ll never miss eating their steamed dumplings because of 14 outlets that is situated in Singapore.


3.       Singapore Food Court: Laksa

Laksa is also known as Chicken Rice. This is a very healthy dish that can be found in every food court that is located around Singapore. Laksa can be full of vegetables (for vegetarians) or without leafy vegetables. The good thing about eating Laksa is that all food businesses that sell Laksa give their customers the chance to customize this dish as this is one of the national dishes in the country.

Although there are many restaurants in Singapore that are guaranteed for serving delicious dishes, the mention were the top restaurants; however, it is not the most popular food businesses that serves lovely dishes that visitors will surely love.


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