May 7, 2012

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How Singapore Pioneered Globalization

How Singapore Pioneered Globalization

Much before the world embarked on globalization, it was Singapore that showed how to realize the potential of a country by promoting it as an international business and trading hub. One has to acknowledge its strategic location as a natural sea port with access to international markets that has played its part in making Singapore a hot business hub in the world. Entrepreneurs love this as an ideal destination to reach out to the world. Rest was done by the authorities as they developed the infrastructure to make Singapore one of the most developed countries in the world.

One key of the country’s progress is that it avoids double taxation and reaches newer markets. To help make Singapore a perfect destination for international business the natural desire of companies to expand and to reach out to new areas and clientele has played its role in a big way. The success stories of companies that set up their headquarters here lured many more to follow suit, and today the situation is such that Singapore remains on the top of list of places that are most attractive to start a business.


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