May 7, 2012

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Some Facts about Business in Singapore

Some Facts about Business in Singapore

Whether big, developed, and rich countries like the US, Canada, France, Germany, UK etc like it or not, they have to live with the fact that there is a tiny island country in Asia Pacific in the southern tip of Malay that shares the podium with them. Yes, I am talking about Singapore, a group of 63 islands near the tip of Malay Peninsula, a city state that is today giving much advanced and industrialized nations a run for their money when it comes to being an international hub for trade and commerce. Its strategic location making it a natural sea port and a hub which opens the doors to most of the countries of the world makes Singapore a very alluring destination for the entrepreneurs of the world.

Singapore has come a long way since its independence. Who would have thought this tiny city state, which once declared independence from the British Commonwealth and joined the Malaysian confederation in 1960’s, would be disillusioned by the oppressive policies of Malaysia, and that Malaysia itself would expel Singapore from being its territory. The rest is history as they say with Singapore developing at an unbelievable pace thereafter, aligning itself in the line of industrialized nations of the world taking advantage of its strategic location in Asia Pacific. The rest was taken care of by the authorities as they developed the infrastructure at a frenzied pace.

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