Aug 5, 2014

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The Health Benefits of Fruits

Fruits importers and exporters in the country has assures the public that there is no fruit shortage despite the long dry spell. 40% of Singapore’s fruit supply comes from the neighbouring Malaysia. Unfortunately, the supply of some fruits, like papayas, from Malaysia will decline by half next week.


The government is assuring that there are other countries that they can get supplies from. There’s Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. Singaporeans should expect though that the prices could go double if this phenomenon happens. The price does not matter because the health benefits overpower it. Here are the benefits of fruits:

  • Papayas: For girls that are conscious about their skin, papayas are great. It can get rid of acne and other skin infections because it can assist in the opening of clogged pores. Papayas can revive dead skin cells giving you a glowing skin. You can use it as a face pack if you want. Papaya can also help fight cholesterol because of its fibres. Perhaps the most common benefit is relief from constipation and aids digestion.


  • Pineapples: Pineapples are packed with vitamin c, vitamin a, potassium, phosphorus, calories and fibre which are good for the body. You need to know that it strengthens the bones and it can effectively prevent colds and cough. Experts also found out that pineapples can keep the gums healthy plus it can reduce the risks of macular degeneration. Like papayas, pineapples also improve digestion.
  • Guavas: Guava can facilitate weight loss. Guavas are rich in vitamins, fibre and vitamins. Guavas only contain little sugar compared to other fruits like apples and grapes. It is also good for the eyesight because of vitamin a which is known to boost eyesight.

Papayas, pineapples and guavas will do the trick. If you want to live healthy, start by consuming lots of fruits and vegetables.


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