Jul 16, 2013

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The Perks of Singapore PR

The Perks of Singapore PR

PR (Permanent Resident) is a status in Singapore where you can obtain many rights and benefits entitled only to full citizens. Every year, there are thousands of foreigners applying for this status. An application for permanent residency will take you about 3-6 months to process.

You have greater chances of acceptance if you prove that you are an asset in the economy (based on qualification, work experience and professional skills). So what are the perks of Singapore PR? Here’s an overview:


Right to Abode. You and your family are allowed to reside in Singapore without being restricted by visa. You can now travel freely in and out of the country. You are fully entitled to own a home in the country, although you are still not allowed to buy second hand units or HDB flats.

Similar Status to the Family. You can bring your family with you in Singapore. Your husband/wife and children below 21 will enjoy the same status like yours. But for your immigrant parents, they will only enjoy long stay visas.

Schools. Your children are given the chance to enrol in any state sponsored schools of your choice.

Switch Jobs Easily. Switching jobs are not easy in Singapore because you need to re-apply for a permit to work. If you are a PR, you can switch jobs easily without thinking of re-applications.

Member of the Central Provident Fund. PRs who have jobs are compelled to become a member of the Central Provident Fund. CPF requires you and your employer to contribute an amount each month for your pension.

Of course PR status entails some obligations too. The government requires your son(s) to enlist or register in the national service once they reach 16 years of age. They are required to serve until they are 18. Each year, they should enter compulsory national service.

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