Nov 23, 2015

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Travelling with Style: A Gentleman’s Guide  


Travelling is one thing that can fulfil the longings of the spirit to wander. Not all people have the opportunity to travel so if your time comes, you have to grab it, prepare for it and face it with style. There are many destinations that you can consider. Speaking of preparing and facing it with style, how should gentlemen prepare and travel with style?


Many articles you read only discusses about women and how they travel with style. Gents also need to travel with style. Many Singaporean men dressed up for flying. There is nothing wrong with that. If you want to join the fad, here some things that you can consider:

  • How about luggage? Men have the right to use luggage too. You can use small but wheeled luggage if you want to have a comfortable travel. The luggage should be small enough so it can be qualified as a ‘carry-on’. Packing light is the key.


  • Use jacket: Jackets can be inconvenient especially if the weather is humid. However, it can be very helpful in the airport. You have to use jackets to contain your wallet, phone, loose change and passport. You have to make sure that the jacket has a lot of pockets so when walking through a metal detector, you simply need to remove your jacket. If passport is needed, you can simply reach it out.
  • Pack wisely: For essentials like headphones and other reading materials, you have to pack wisely and put it at the top of the bag so you do not need to search for them.
  • Wear loafers: Loafers can be removed easily when walking through customs.
  • Print boarding pass: The night before, it is imperative that you print your boarding pass.


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